Start a Campaign


After Your Campaign

Learn the basics about the steps to take once your fundraising campaign is complete. You will learn about the best follow up process with your supporters and tips on how to share your final fundraising campaign results with your community. You will also learn about when donations will be received and how to launch your next fundraising campaign.

How To Increase Player Engagement?

Fundraising to players is like paying taxes to parents – you’re forced to do it every year and it’s a burden. But it doesn’t have to be this way (at least with fundraising). You can get your players excited about fundraisers, which matters because fundraisers with proactive player participation are more profitable than those with little or no player engagement.

Would You Like Your Fundraising Campaign Featured on the PLEDGE IT Blog?

Finding new ways to promote your fundraising campaign can be difficult. We get it. That's why we've decided to feature fundraising campaigns on our blog. This is a free and easy way to promote your cause with other people who care about sports and supporting community initiatives.

How To Convert Visitors Into Pledgers?

Your campaign has launched. You have shared it with family, friends and the community. The media even ran an article about your story. Despite a lot of traffic to your campaign page you still haven't hit your goal. Keep reading to learn how to turn visitors into pledgers.

Who Should I Target?

This section lists out each individual and group you should target when launching your fundraising campaign. It's easy to email friends and families but will require a little work to reach local businesses and other groups in your community.

When Should I Start Promoting The Campaign?

Learn about the best times to start promoting your campaign. You don't want to be too early but you also don't want to wait until the last minute.

How to Use Email Outreach?

Learn the best ways to use email marketing to help spread awareness and raise funds for your campaign. It's one of the most effective ways to build support for your fundraising campaign.

Writing Your Story

Write a compelling campaign headline and description. It’s probably the hardest part of creating a compelling fundraising campaign so take time on this section. You can also add a video to your fundraising campaign. It's optional but we recommend adding a short video.

Creating Your Recipient

Use this section to add and select the recipient of funds for your fundraising campaign. You can add any type of recipient. PLEDGE IT works with official nonprofit organization as well as for profit organizations and individuals.

Customizing Your Campaign

PLEDGE IT offers free customization options to create a more personal fundraising campaign. This section allows you to choose a campaign background image, color overlay, and campaign theme style.