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How to Motivate Your P2P Fundraisers

While your peer-to-peer participants are busy recruiting donors for your organization, you should be busy developing plans to keep them motivated and inspired to reach their goals. Below is a list of some of the best approaches for motivating fundraisers that we have seen encompassed by successful campaigns here at Pledge It!


Pledge It offers tools such as fundraiser leaderboards and a live fundraiser dial that can assist in sparking friendly competition among participants. This is because we know that having a visual representation of progress can be a huge motivator.

  • Leaderboards: Is there any better feeling than seeing your name displayed towards the top of a leaderboard? You can leverage the leaderboards on Pledge It to highlight individuals as well as groups of individuals who are actively engaging with your campaign. The key here is to motivate the leaders to stay on top, which in turn will encourage all other participants to try to displace one of the leaders.

  • Fundraising Dials: Each individual fundraiser, team page, and overall campaign have fundraising dials to track progress. Having a visual way for participants and donors to see what needs to be done (individually and collectively) to reach a set goal is a great way to ensure progress is being made throughout the campaign.

Matching Gifts

How would you feel if I told you that all of the donations you earn during a period of time could have double the impact? Matching gifts can come from corporate sponsors, large donors, or any existing partnerships your organization might have. We recommend promoting the upcoming matching period in advance, that way your participants are prepared. If you only have one matching gift then we recommend using that gift as one of your last big pushes for encouraging fundraising. This will help your participants get excited about closing the gap on their fundraising dial.

Physical Prizes

Physical prizes are great motivating tactics that should be established early on so that they can be shared with participants upon registration. Depending on your volume of prizes, you can choose to distribute them only to top fundraisers or any other group of individuals you’d like to honor. A few great examples of prizes are branded gear from your organization, gift cards, raffle entries, amongst anything else that may pique your fundraisers' interest.

Virtual or In-person Kick-off and Closing Celebration

Peer-to-peer participants need to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. Hosting an event to kick-off and close the fundraising campaign can help your participants feel valued, appreciated, and adequately equipped to fundraise all while giving them a sense of community. This ensures that your fundraisers know they are an important part of your organization during these events.

Keep Engaging with Participants

A thoughtfully curated email campaign for your fundraisers is an extremely important element of any peer-to-peer campaign. Universally, all emails in this sequence should include the following: thanking/praising fundraisers, a call-to-action, an update about the campaign progress and goals, and any useful fundraising tips. You can learn more about developing a communication plan by checking out this article: 3 Ways Email Can Enhance Your P2P Campaign

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Published on January 12, 2022

by Dave Costlow

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