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5 Reasons Hybrid Events Are Here To Stay

Can we start by bragging on you for a second?

One thing that's been made very clear to us this year is that the nonprofit space is fortunate to have so many creative and resourceful individuals working and volunteering within it—yes, we're looking at you.

Adapting to a post-pandemic way of fundraising has proven to be an accepted challenge met with creative solutions—a noteworthy example being hybrid events.

Because we love a good statistic, Forbes recently reported that "85% of organizations plan to offer a virtual participation option" in tandem with their in-person events—none of which have any plans to eventually drop the virtual component.


As of recent, hybrid events have proven themselves to be a real MVP in the fundraising game.

Here are 5 reasons we know hybrid events are here to stay come 2022:

01. Larger Reach and Attendance:

The exciting thing about hybrid events is that you’re no longer under capacity constraints. This not only means more people attending your event but also that you can increase your marketing efforts thus increasing your overall reach. Increasing your reach equals increasing awareness 🎉

02. Health Concerns No Longer Effect Attendance:

Understandably so, many people are still reluctant to integrate back into being around crowds. With hybrid events, individuals are still able to show their support while in the comfort of their homes. Win-win.

03. Flexibility and Adaptability for Unpredictability:

Think about hybrid events as a built-in backup plan. Over the past two years, we’ve all grown very accustomed to adapting quickly to the unknown. In a worst-case scenario, hybrid events make it possible to switch to an all-virtual event last minute, need be.

04. Accessibility

Difficulties such as scheduling conflicts and finding child care are no longer major issues. Supporters are now able to navigate their busy schedules and make last-minute adjustments around your event.

05. Valuable Data and Insight:

Adding a virtual component to your in-person event makes it possible to capture valuable information such as demographics, the average time of event attendance, and so on. This allows your organization to continue niching down on your ideal target audience.

Click the "Learn More" button below for any specific burning questions you may have when it comes to hybrid events. Our team is here to set you up for success.

— The Pledge It Team

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Published on November 19, 2021

by Allie Otterbacher

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