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We connect causes to communities with free crowdfunding and peer-to-peer solutions for both nonprofits and individuals.

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Pledge It

For Nonprofits

Mobilize your community with a free P2P fundraising platform built for nonprofits and charities.

Perfect for:

  • Run, Walk, Ride Events
  • Virtual or Hybrid Challenges
  • Golf Marathons
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
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Pledge It

For Individuals

Start an online fundraiser and raise money for a cause with every mile run, rep completed, or book read.

Perfect for:

  • Individual Fundraising
  • Youth Sports Fundraising
  • Team Sports Fundraising
  • Professional Athletes
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Discover Pledge It for Nonprofits

Pledge It for Nonprofits provides nonprofits with the peer-to-peer fundraising tools they need to empower their supporters, grow their community and amplify their mission...all at zero platform cost.

Easy to Manage Campaigns That Supporters Love

As big fans of social fundraising, we built Pledge It for Nonprofits to be simple and easy to use for both nonprofits and their supporters.


Discover Pledge It for Individuals

Pledge It for Individuals provides individual fundaisers, high school and youth sport teams, and pro athletes with a zero cost platform for fundraising. Fundraisers can earn the donor support of their friends and family with every mile run, hole completed, math problem solved or whatever activity they choose.

Start your individual fundraising campaign today

Individual fundraisers can create and launch a campaign in a matter of minutes. Learn how you can begin to use the power of social fundraising today.


Trusted by Nonprofits of All Shapes & Sizes

“Utilizing Pledge It has saved our team countless man hours and made the challenge easier and more fun for our participants! Pledge It is 100% FREE, but we have received even better customer service than I would have expected from a paid platform. You truly can't get a better deal!”

Miranda Rife, Donor Relations Manager


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