About Us

We believe in the power of sport for social good.

Our mission is to make fundraising more fun and engaging for everyone involved.

About Us

Pledge It empowers athletes to raise money for their team or cause simply by playing the game they love. Every athlete has a platform. Pledge It gives them the tools to use their performance to directly benefit a cause.

Started by athletes, for athletes... we are the first performance based fundraising solution. Pledge It was created to help the Cincinnati Bengals "Sack Cancer," but you don't have to be a pro to fundraise like one. From Youth Leagues to the Major Leagues, we make it so easy to create compelling campaigns and earn donations...we're changing the game.

Donations should be earned, not given. Pledge It allows teams and athletes at any level to turn their performance on the field into donations for their cause.


"Sport can change the world, but it cannot change the world alone. When placing sport at the service of humankind, we need partnerships with other players in society."

Thomas Bach International Olympic Committee President

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