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3 Ways Email Can Enhance Your P2P Campaign

One of the biggest mistakes we see our nonprofit partners make is putting an ample amount of time into the recruitment process and then falling short on engagement with participants once they’re officially signed up. So how can you make sure your nonprofit does not make this same mistake?

By developing a communication plan for your P2P fundraisers utilizing email.

A thoughtfully curated email campaign for your fundraisers is an extremely important element of any peer-to-peer campaign. Universally, all emails in this sequence should include the following: thanking/praising fundraisers, a call-to-action, an update about the campaign progress and goals, and any useful fundraising tips.

Here are three types of emails that will help you provide this value to your P2P fundraisers:

Welcome Email

The first piece of correspondence a participant should receive upon joining your campaign is a welcome email. Begin your email by warmly welcoming your new participants into your community. Always make it a point to reassure your fundraisers that their efforts are appreciated and positively impact the entire organization. This is also a great time to convey the end-goals set for the campaign.

The next section of this email should be used to inspire your participants to fundraise. Let them know how their efforts are making lasting changes. We have found that sharing a story about your organization’s impact on one person or a specific group of people is the best way to accomplish this. Wrap up your story with a statement along the lines of, “By fundraising, you’re helping people like [insert service recipient]...” This will give your participants a feeling of personal connection and responsibility.

Conclude your email by providing a few fundraising tips or a fundraising toolkit (like this one from Operation Surf) to fully equip your participants in kick-starting their fundraising efforts.

Here’s an excellent example of a welcome email from WORK

Mid-Campaign Communication

The frequency and number of emails that are sent during your campaign will depend on how long your campaign will be running. For example, month-long campaigns may have weekly engagements whereas week-long campaigns may have daily engagements. These emails should be focused on motivating, inspiring and educating your fundraisers.

Keep in mind, not every mid-campaign email needs to be jam packed. Think small but mighty here. Similar to the welcome email, this email should begin with thanking your participants for their continued efforts. Proceed by including elements such as updates about the campaign, a highlight of top fundraisers/performers, a public welcome to new fundraisers, campaign incentives, fundraising tips, and anything else that could amplify your campaign.

Here’s an example from the One Love Foundation

Campaign Wrap-Up

The final email in your campaign should be sent shortly after the last day of your P2P campaign. This email gives you an opportunity to share the impact the raised funds will have on your organization’s mission moving forward. Make sure to once again thank your participants (and donors!), and if you’re feeling extra ambitious, ask for feedback on how they think the campaign went overall. Round out the email by sharing any information you have for next year’s campaign and you’re done!

A thoughtfully curated email campaign created with participant engagement in mind could mean the difference between a mildly decent peer-to-peer campaign and an EXTRAORDINARY one. So tell us—will this be at the top of your to-do list for the next campaign? We sure hope so!

— The Pledge It Team

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Published on November 18, 2021

by Suzanne Rupe

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