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Winter 2022 Product Update

Real-Time Insight at Your Fingertips Through Campaign Visualizations and Analytics

enter image description here Your new campaign dashboard enables you to monitor the growth of your campaign as you progress towards your goals. Summaries of your critical metrics like fundraising dollars, participant sign-ups and donation counts provide an instant ‘health-check’ on your overall campaign. Powerful visualizations enable you to quickly spot trends and outliers so you’re able to double down on what’s working and adjust course if things aren’t going as anticipated. The visualizations also make great tools to share internally within your organization so you can provide a campaign status update to your colleagues.

Your dashboard empowers you to quickly answer questions like:

  • We announced a matching gift on Monday, are donations up this week compared to last week?
  • Have our latest recruiting efforts been successful in landing new participants?
  • It feels like we’re on a roll with our overall fundraising, how much have we raised in the last few days?

The campaign dashboard provides insight so you can spend time taking action, not analyzing your data. And like everything else, your campaign dashboard is accessible right from your phone so you can access it whenever you need it.

Strava Integration: Turning Fitness Activity Into Fundraising Dollars For Your Organization

You asked and we delivered! Your participants can now connect Strava directly to their Pledge It fundraising page to automatically import their Strava activity. All the interesting details from Strava - activity, duration, distance, elevation, heart rate, photos and maps - are synced in real-time to your participant’s page right alongside how much the activity raised for your organization! Any Strava activity will automatically be included as progress towards your participant’s activity goal and update the team and campaign activity leaderboards across your campaign. Participants also have the option to edit their activity and add comments before sharing their athletic feats with their donors.

enter image description here The Strava integration adds another layer of community-building allowing participants to monitor how their team members (or competitors) performed on specific days as well as like each other’s activity updates. The integration is particularly powerful for virtual challenges and hybrid events as it allows your fundraisers to participate from anywhere, but share, track and engage with the community as though they were participating right alongside everyone else in the campaign!

Motivate and Inspire Your Participants With Fundraising and Activity Milestones

An excellent way to motivate fundraisers is to acknowledge the hard work they’re putting into their personal fundraising campaigns. As part of our continued focus on fundraiser automation, we’ve made it easy for you to offer personalized, but automated recognition for all your participants. Participants in your campaign will receive messages congratulating fundraisers for hitting 25, 50, or 75 percent of their fundraising and activity goals. enter image description here There’s also special recognition when your participants surpass 100% of their fundraising or activity goals. These forms of acknowledgments motivate supporters to keep up their efforts. At the same time, the personalized recognition helps them feel like you’re paying attention to their involvement and cheering them on.

Super-Charge Your Fundraising Through Matching Gifts

Broadcasting a matching gift from a corporate partner or large donor is a great strategy to super-charge your fundraising efforts. Research has shown that 84% of donors are more likely to donate if their gifts are eligible to be matched, and mentioning matching in a fundraising appeal results in 71% more donations and 51% higher donation amounts (source). We made it easy to incorporate matching gifts into your fundraising campaign by providing a simple set-up and the tools you need to manage and showcase the sponsor to your community. enter image description hereThe new matching gift feature ensures:

  • Donors know their gift is being doubled
  • Participants see their fundraising totals surge
  • Sponsors receive recognition across your entire fundraising campaign
  • You (the organizer) easily monitor the sponsor’s match from your campaign dashboard

Supporters love to see their dollars stretched, so a donation match with a specific timeframe can spur urgency and excitement among your community.

Add more!

  • Participants thanking donors: Encouraging participants to say ‘thank you’ to their donors is not only good manners, but it’s also a great first step to building a potential longer-term relationship with the donor. Participants in your fundraising campaigns now receive email alerts for each donation to their fundraising page and quickly thank donors right from their phones with two clicks. Participants can also review their complete donor list to confirm who they thanked and who they still need to contact.

  • Expand competition within your campaign with custom leaderboards: Create custom leaderboards so you can ramp up competition among groups within your community. Whether it’s highlighting your endurance athletes versus your weekend warriors or lining up competition between corporate teams, custom leaderboards give you a way to foster friendly competition and drive more fundraising.

If you'd like to learn more about these updates or other improvements we've made, schedule a time to talk with us. We'd love to help you reach your fundraising goals!

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Published on January 20, 2022

by Dave Costlow

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