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Fall 2022 Product Update

Supercharge Your Campaigns With a Dedicated Team Dashboard

Team Captain Dashboard

Plenty of research has shown how strong teams and team captains are critical to the success of a peer-to-peer campaign. Teams foster a stronger sense of community, accountability and competition among team members.

Being part of a team that is focused on making a positive impact is incredibly motivating, and members look to each other for support and encouragement to achieve their collective goal.

That’s why we were excited to hear that many of you have really enjoyed using our new team dashboard for your summer and fall campaigns and have found it to really boost your overall fundraising results.

With the new dashboard, team captains now have the ability to generate even greater enthusiasm within their team as they leverage the monitoring and messaging capabilities of the team dashboard for collaboration.

Within the dashboard, team captains are able to…

  • Monitor progress of team members against important fundraising milestones
  • Utilize a message board to post, share and celebrate team progress
  • Monitor and manage team registrations and donations in real-time
  • Pin noteworthy posts to the top of the message board
  • Recruit new team members to join team page
  • Automatically track progress towards individual and team goals based on activity
  • Communicate en masse to the entire team
  • Thank donors who have given to the team as a whole

Within the dashboard, team members are able to…

  • Post messages to the team
  • Monitor team member movement and updates on the team leaderboard
  • View all the donations to each member of the team as well as the team as a whole

With so many team captains managing campaigns from their phones, it is especially important that the team captain dashboard be easily accessible and manageable from a mobile device, and we’ve created the dashboard to be just that.

Host Your Next Gala, Golf Outing or Race With Pledge It

Events and Ticketing

To answer the growing event management needs of nonprofits, Pledge It now supports more types of events with event registration and ticketing. Users can now create a ticketed event, monitor ticket sales, offer promo or discounts codes and check-in attendees on site on the day of the event.

With ticketed event campaigns, campaign managers are able to…

  • Create an event as an extension of your brand by adding your logo, custom URL and colors
  • Easily create and manage tickets
  • Offer discount codes
  • Collect additional information with built-in custom questions
  • Offer multi-participant registration so that several attendees can register at once
  • Quickly check in event attendees from the dashboard
  • Provide attendees with the option to donate during check-out process

To learn more about ticketed events, visit our Events & Ticketing page.

Register Multiple Participants at Once


You asked, and we delivered. Participants in your campaign can now register multiple people all at once.

Some examples of multi-participant registration may include…

  • Parent registering their entire family
  • Team captain signing-up a few teammates or
  • Single person quickly registering an entire corporate team

Once registered, each participant receives an email confirming their registration. The email quickly walks them through any additional steps to participate in or fundraise for your event.

To learn more about ticketed events, visit our Events & Ticketing page.

Use Tabs to Expand Your Campaigns and Share Better Stories

Tabs Dashboard

Tabs Front-end

Make your campaign even more informative by creating new pages that appear as tabs on your campaign page. The way you structure these tabs and what you include on these pages is entirely up to you. Create pages that provide additional information about the event, present promotional videos, share FAQs and showcase sponsors.

Each tab has its own custom URL for easy sharing. And, as you are able to do on your Home page, you can design each page by adding sections that display impact stories, leaderboards and a variety of custom content such as text, photos or videos.

Some examples of tabs you may want to create include pages that…

  • Provide additional details about your event and share FAQs
  • Highlight fundraising tips and tricks to help your participants raise more
  • Share videos to inspire potential donors to give
  • Showcase major sponsors or sponsorship opportunities

If you'd like to learn more about these updates or other improvements we've made, schedule a time to talk with us. We'd love to help you reach your fundraising goals!

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Published on November 21, 2022

by Dave Costlow

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