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The latest update to our platform expands how participants in your event can share and connect with each other. Here’s a quick summary of how we’re helping you create stronger communities! Community

Why is 'Community' Important to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising?

Creating a sense of community and connection is essential to any successful peer-to-peer fundraising event. By fostering a feeling of belonging and shared purpose, you can help build momentum, encourage participation, and ultimately create a sustainable base of support for your organization. When people feel part of a community working towards a common goal, they are more likely to stay committed even when the going gets tough. Moreover, it can create a ripple effect of support where individuals encourage others to get involved, leading to more significant participation and support.

What's New on Pledge It?

We’ve added a central ‘Community’ area to your peer-to-peer campaign where participants and organizers can browse, share and react to the messages and updates posted by all the participants in your event. This new community home allows participants to make stronger personal connections and support each other throughout the campaign.

For Participants

The new community area gives participants the ability to:

  • Get inspired by quickly browsing the updates and personal stories shared by other participants in your event
  • Connect and support each other by liking and reacting to the posts of their fellow fundraisers, and seeing reactions from their peers and donors
  • Engage in the community by posting and sharing their personal stories, which will display on the new Community feed, their team dashboard, and their personal fundraising page.

For Donors

  • Donors will still receive email notifications when a participant they’re supporting posts to their page
  • Donors now have the ability to react to the personal stories and updates shared by participants with celebratory and encouraging emojis.
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For You (Campaign Organizers)

We know some of the most inspiring stories about your event come directly from your participants so we’ve made it easy for you to browse and highlight the best stories from your community. As the organizer, you can also like, celebrate and love the top posts from your community. You can access the Community area from your campaign dashboard with three easy views to browse the posts and messages from your community members.

  • Noteworthy: A summary of the most interesting posts from your participants with photos and personal messages
  • Recent: A chronological view of all posts from your participants
  • Featured: The posts you’ve decided to highlight on the homepage of your campaign

Want to learn more about building stronger communities within your campaign? Talk with our Customer Success team about best practices for fostering and creating community among your fundraisers and donors.

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Published on February 20, 2023

by Dave Costlow

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