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Make your custom fundraising page in a matter of minutes. Pick your sport, stat, target fundraising amount and recipient of the funds. Then upload a photo and get ready to raise.

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Once your campaign is published, share it with your friends, family, and fans. Check out our fundraising guides to learn best practices.

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Fans can donate toward each touchdown, home run, goal… or any stat you choose. Watch the value of your performance go up with every pledge received.

4 Perform

Simply do what athletes do best -- play the game. Keep your focus on the game and score your way to success!

5 Celebrate

Enter your stats to notify donors of the results. Credit cards are automatically charged and funds are transferred. Everybody wins!

PLEDGE IT has revolutionized online crowdfunding and non-profit fundraising. It is an engaging and interactive tool that gets donors excited about your cause.

Andy Hoffman - President, Team Jack Foundation

Andy Hoffman

President, Team Jack Foundation

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