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First Tee Idaho’s 100 Hole Hike Triples Their Fundraising Goal

October 11, 2022case study

Executive Director, Nick Blasius, was thrilled for the first ever First Tee Idaho campaign to exceed his initial fundraising goal of $20k by raising a total of $63.3k.

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Golf-A-Thon raises over $165,000 for regional nonprofit

January 19, 2021case study

100 Hole Hike Golf Marathon Challenges Golfers and Raises Over $165,000 for The First Tee of Greater Charleston

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Virtual Fitness Challenge Saves Uplifting Athletes

December 7, 2020case study

COVID-19 forced the nonprofit, Uplifting Athletes, to cancel many of their traditional fundraising events so the team turned to virtual fitness to engage their community.

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Halfs for Hope: Runner Uses Half-Marathon Fundraiser to Benefit Cancer Research

August 20, 2020case study

Faced with personal heartache from the loss of her aunt, Stephanie Berry turned adversity into triumph. By performing her running fundraiser Halfs for Hope, Berry has earned nearly $7,000 for the Foundation for Women's Cancer in her aunt's memory.

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Pedaling for Parkinson's: Son Bikes for Funds in Father's Honor

August 5, 2020case study

When Aaron Staenberg's father Rick was diagnosed with Parkinsonism in 2011, their lifetime spent riding bikes together soon changed. Aaron found a way to bike for him, and benefit those struggling with Parkinson's disease.

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Dayton Strong: Local Musician’s Biking Fundraiser Benefits Family of Shooting Victim

July 20, 2020case study

After tragedy struck his community, Mike Cooley felt a bond with one of the victims. So he set up a pledge per mile biking fundraiser to support the young children she left behind.

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Global Running Day 2020: A Highlight of Four of our Top Runners

June 2, 2020case study

To celebrate Global Running Day the Pledge It team highlights four of our athletes who used running to raise money toward the causes that matter most to them.

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Building Bridges: Lifetime Friends’ Hiking Fundraiser Across Pacific Crest Trail Benefits Impoverished Nations

April 17, 2020case study

Longtime friends Sam Salmirs and Ben Silverstein are hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. By inviting friends, family and supporters to donate per mile, they have made created a purpose greater than taking a break from everyday life. The hiking fundraiser has now raised over $5,500 to benefit impoverished nations.

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Army Veteran Marches to Support Fellow Vets

March 24, 2020case study

As a company commander in the U.S. Army with a Master's degree in psychology, Frank Hill is all too familiar with the effects PTSD can have on soldiers. That’s why he performed a pledge-per-mile fundraiser benefiting Permission to Start Dreaming, a non-profit organization dedicated to getting veterans in need the help they deserve.

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Lymphoma Survivor Kayaks 300 Miles; Raises Thousands for St. Jude

February 7, 2020case study

Retired Military Aviator Dan Cahalane and cancer survivor—four years cancer free from Stage IV Lymphoma — shares tips and strategies that he used to raise over $8,000 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

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Wheelchair Basketball Star Raises Funds for Reeve Foundation

October 1, 2019case study

Jimmy Moceri was a high school basketball star fielding offers from universities across the country. Then a car accident changed everything.

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Friends' 500-Mile Hiking Fundraiser Benefits Venezuelan Refugees

August 1, 2019case study

Friends Bethani King and Jessica Stotz wanted to raise funds and awareness for Venezuelan refugees. With their dollar-per-mile-hiked fundraiser, they have raised over $2,000 benefitting On the Ground International, a non-profit dedicated to helping Venezuelan refugees.

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This Priest's Weight Loss Fundraiser Helps Recovering Addicts Heal

July 17, 2019case study

Father Tom, President of the St. Edmund’s Retreat, has raised over $35,000 with his weight loss fundraiser. By having supporters donate per pound lost, he keeps himself motivated and accountable to stay healthy, and help young men recover from substance abuses at St. Edmund’s.

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North Bay Aquatics Raises over 32K with 2019 Tunathon Fundraising Initiative

June 25, 2019case study

The North Bay Aquatics Swim team decided to leave Team Unify, pass up GoFundMe, and move their fundraising to Pledge It in order to better engage swimmers and donors. Their swimmers raised a team-record of $32,550 to keep its program thriving.

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Human Rights Activist Turns to Marathon to Support Children and Families in Gaza

April 26, 2019case study

Jen Marlowe has made an annual trip to Gaza for years. In these trips she's forged bonds with several families. This year, her visit happened to be during the Palestine Marathon, delivering an opportunity for Marlowe to make a difference in those families' lives.

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The Ninja for Dogs: American Ninja Warrior Uses TV Events to Support Rescue Foundation

April 9, 2019case study

American Ninja Warrior Roo Yori created a foundation in his beloved pit bull's memory. Now he's using his platform on the popular TV show to raise money for Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation— and awareness for dog rescues everywhere.

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High School Seniors Honor Fallen Captain

April 2, 2019case study

As Juniors at St. Paul's School in Louisiana, Michael Phillippe and Hyde Healey used their passion for lacrosse to raise funds in former team captain Graham Jordan's memory. Now they are back for the second year of "Goals for Graham."

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Eric DeVos Runs his Way to $5,000 to Benefit His Parents' Illnesses

March 15, 2019case study

Former college wrestler Eric Devos took on the challenge of running a marathon to raise over $5,000, split between the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the ALS Association's Iowa Chapter.

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NFL Prospects Use Combine and Pro Days to Support Causes

February 25, 2019case study

Throughout the end of February and early March, select College Football players will be selected to perform in the NFL Combine and school Pro Days.

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Hoops2O: Malcolm Brogdon and NBA Players Ballin' for Buckets

December 12, 2018case study

5 NBA Players Team up to Raise over $27,560 for the Waterboys Initiative.

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Youth lacrosse player wins faceoffs to defeat cancer

August 16, 2018case study

Tyler Collins FaceOff Against Cancer Challenge was a season long fundraiser where he invited family and friends to pledge a donation per faceoff win. Tyler ended up raising more than $3,000 to help those battling cancer through his fundraiser. Our team conducted an interview with Tyler (and Mike Collins, Tyler's dad) to learn more about his fundraising efforts, and why he decided to earn donations for the HEADstrong Foundation.

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Cycling enthusiast rides for best friend with Muscular Dystrophy

April 28, 2017case study

Kevin Barton was diagnosed shortly after birth with a form of Muscular Dystrophy called, Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It is a genetic disease that affects the motor nerve cells in the spinal cord and causes progressive weakness of the muscles. When his friend, Ryan, learned that Kevin was struggling to cover health care expenses, he decided to earn donations for Kevin by doing when of his favorite activities - riding his bike!

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Brain Cancer Survivor Completes World Marathon Challenge

March 24, 2017case study

The World Marathon Challenge is an amazing logistical and physical challenge to run seven marathons on seven continents in seven consecutive days. A challenge that can be found on the 7 Ultimate Achievements in Endurance Running List and the one that only 560+ people have accomplished in the world. BethAnn Telford was the first runner living with brain cancer to attempt and complete the World Marathon Challenge!

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University of California Basketball Helps Fight Cancer with Rebounds for Rama

February 26, 2017case study

Rama N’diaye, a native of Dakar, Senegal, crossed the globe to join the University of California in the Fall of 2006. She embarked on a five-year career for the Golden Bears. After her college career, she went on to play professional basketball for three seasons in Iran, Spain, and Turkey. Unfortunately, in July, 2016 she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer at the young age of 29. When news reached the current 2016-17 University of California Women's Basketball team, the staff and players decided to do something epic to help Rama!

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High School Pole Vaulter Uses Track & Field Season to Support Favorite Charity

July 1, 2016case study

As a high school pole vaulter and honor student, Cori understood the value of reading and the importance of getting children excited about reading at an early age. Using the power of sport for social good, Cori launched her first annual Pole Vault for Promising Pages campaign to raise donations for Promising pages, which uses donated books to turn ordinary children into enthusiastic bookworms.

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