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Make a significant impact for your nonprofit with your next Run, Walk, Ride event by choosing a free platform and team that specialize in peer-to-peer fundraising.

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Connect to Your Community on a Deeper Level With Activity Based Fundraising

Let every mile you run, walk or ride drive fundraising for your mission. Your supporters set their personal goals and collect pledges with peer-to-peer fundraising for every mile you complete.

Fundraiser Automation

Participants are able to 'automate' how they ask for donations by inviting donors to give. Donation alerts available so participants say 'thank you' to donors with two clicks.

Performance Pledging

Motivated supporters are willing to ask more people to give because they are 'earning' the donation through their activity.

Optimized for Sharing

Empower fundraisers to share their 'why' with fundraiser and team pages that are optimized for sharing on social, email or text and can be personalized by the fundraiser.

Tickets & Registration

Campaign managers have the flexibility to configure registration options through custom ticketing and discount codes.

Friendly Competition

Real-time donation activity feeds and leaderboards connect participants to their donors, motivate top performers and encourage friendly competition.

Community Wall

Encourage your community to raise more by showcasing inspiring stories from your participants that allows them to share the 'why' behind their support for you.

Manage Your Next Run, Walk, Ride Campaign With Confidence

Audience Messaging

Select your audience, craft your message, send it out and track the performance, all from your campaign dashboard.

Campaign Insights

Simple visualizations and analytics summarize critical, real-time metrics for your campaign that help you drive growth.


Save time and automate your work with seamless integrations with apps like Salesforce, Mailchimp, Neon CRM and Slack.

Fundraising at Scale

Expand your peer-to-peer fundraiser across multiple dates and locations with a central microsite and dashboard to manage it all.

Manage on the Go

Manage your entire peer-to-peer event from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Milestones & Badges

Motivate participants with personalized, automated recognition of their individual achievements.

Automated Receipts

Fully-compliant, branded receipts, automatically sent to every donor.

Top-notch Security

Full PCI compliance for safe and secure payment processing.

Strava Integration for Runners and Cyclists

Strava allows runners and cyclists to turn workouts into fundraising dollars

Millions of runners and cyclists connect to the sports they love with Strava.

Participants are able to sync their workouts on Strava to their fundraising page as well as share their progress with friends and followers.

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“I also can't speak highly enough about the functionality of the fundraising platform. We saw an increase of more than 1000% (yes over 1000%) moving to this platform because of the ease in which donors can track miles and accept pledges. We will be using again next summer!”

Gayla Freeman, Fundraising Manager

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