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This Priest's Weight Loss Fundraiser Helps Recovering Addicts Heal

Father Tom, President of the St. Edmund’s Retreat, has raised over $35,000 with his weight loss fundraiser. By having supporters donate per pound lost, he keeps himself motivated and accountable to stay healthy, and help young men recover from substance abuses at St. Edmund’s.

MLB All-Star Break: Our On and Off The Field Stars

As we enter the MLB All-Star break we highlight some of our top campaigns from the first half of the season. Whether it’s been Stealing Bases to Stop Cancer, or Pitching in for Rescue Animals, players across the league have raised nearly a million dollars in charitable donations toward 17 different causes. Here are a few of our top Major League Baseball Stars— on and off the field!

A Detailed History of Athlete Empowerment

The team here at Pledge It is guided by the company’s founding principle: Empowering athletes to achieve social good. That can come in many forms and functions— from advocating for social justice and equality, to fighting global hunger, to funding medical treatment or equipment, to protesting a war. For as long as athletes have grabbed headlines, they have used their platforms to impact the issues that are most important to them. In turn, the stands taken by these men and women have enabled them to transcend sports, and cross from the record books to the history books. When you see many of the photos below, you will often think not of athletic achievements, but of achievements in social good.