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Do This, Not That: P2P Fundraising Strategies

April 15, 2024best practice

The hubbub of spring fundraising is here. Emails flying, deadlines looming, recruitment call after recruitment call being made. When your event to-do list feels like a mile long, it can be hard to prioritize what really matters.

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The Importance of Stewardship after your Fundraising Initiative

August 31, 2023best practice

Stewardship after your fundraising initiative is essential because it fosters a sense of appreciation and connection with participants who invest their time and effort to support your cause. Demonstrating gratitude and maintaining ongoing communication helps build trust, encourages continued engagement, and reinforces the value of each participant's contribution, leading to higher levels of involvement and potential for future fundraising success.

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How Minimum Fundraising Commitments Can Boost Your Event

June 1, 2023best practice

A minimum fundraising commitment as a part of a run, walk, or ride is a fantastic way to increase the impact and engagement of the event. The minimum fundraising commitment requires that participants raise a certain amount in donations before they can participate or earn incentives. It is a powerful tool to motivate your supporters, attract new donors, and raise more funds for the organization’s mission.

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How to Recruit (and Retain) Team Captains

March 20, 2023best practice

Behind every great peer-to-peer campaign are the team captains that make it a success. Follow these four steps to identify and cultivate strong relationships with new team captains and grow your fundraising impact.

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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Email Templates

June 22, 2022best practice

Maximize your fundraising potential with these quick and easy Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Email Templates

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How to Run a Successful Golf Marathon Fundraiser

April 8, 2022best practice

​​Golf marathon fundraisers are a great way for your nonprofit to leverage the power of activity-based, peer-to-peer fundraising to engage new supporters.

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How to Motivate Your P2P Fundraisers

January 12, 2022best practice

While your peer-to-peer participants are busy recruiting donors for your organization, you should be busy developing plans to keep them motivated and inspired to reach their goals. Below is a list of some of the best approaches for motivating fundraisers that we have seen encompassed by successful campaigns here at Pledge It!

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5 Reasons Hybrid Events Are Here To Stay

November 19, 2021best practice

3 Ways Email Can Enhance Your P2P Campaign

November 18, 2021best practice

Our Top 4 Tips for Your #GivingTuesday Content Strategy

November 8, 2021best practice

With Giving Tuesday just a few short weeks away, it’s a vital time for your nonprofit to be on top of its Giving Tuesday campaign. With that being said, let us know if this sounds familiar:

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How to stand out on GivingTuesday

September 29, 2021best practice

More than 30 million people participated in Giving Tuesday in 2020. That's nearly a 30% increase over 2019 despite the uncertainty that charitable giving faced last year. The growing movement is a signal for all non-profits to expand their Giving Tuesday footprint and take home a bigger piece of that pie.

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Be Prepared with Better Fundraising Events

September 1, 2021best practice

Finding New Donors to Support Your Mission

July 27, 2021best practice

Finding new donors is one of the biggest challenges (or opportunities) facing nonprofits of all sizes. Even well-established organizations are looking to grow their databases with new donors to increase the pipeline of major gift prospects. We've worked with nonprofits - large and small - to help solve this problem. Finding new donors takes commitment, but here are a few best practices to help focus your efforts!

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Recruiting peer-to-peer fundraisers - it's easier than you think!

July 2, 2021best practice

Locating passionate fundraisers for your peer-to-peer campaign doesn’t have to be overwhelming. These fundraisers are actually closer than you think. To help maximize your potential for success, it’s helpful to think of recruitment as a two-phased process. In the first phase of recruitment groups that you might want to reach out to are your volunteers, loyal donors, your board and even individuals who benefit from your organization’s services. After your initial targeted recruitment it will be time to focus on phase two, more general outreach.

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Super-charge the growth of your peer-to-peer event through team-based fundraising

June 14, 2021best practice

'If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.' - African Proverb

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What You Need to Know About Performance-Based Fundraising

March 3, 2021best practice

Not sure what performance-based fundraising is? You're in the right place! Check out below to see how your performance-based campaign can result in donors giving 10-15% more than they typically would to a traditional campaign!

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Performance-Based Fundraising Ideas

January 29, 2021best practice

Performance-based fundraising (pledging per mile or pledging per rep) is an excellent way to unleash the potential of your community to raise money by enabling participants to collect pledges for every activity they complete. Here are some of our favorite examples of creative and successful campaigns.

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My Campaign is Live. Now What?

January 27, 2020best practice

Top 5 Tips for An Effective Campaign Description

January 9, 2020best practice

When conducting an online fundraiser, your campaign description is the best opportunity to capture your audience. It's your one chance to wow them with your "why" and might be the most important piece of running an effective campaign. With that being said, here our Top 5 Tips to writing a killer campaign description:

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