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Welcome University of California Davis!

Our team is focused on helping patients obtain life-saving medication they could not otherwise afford, believes in a culture of innovation, and believes in providing access for all patients to the diagnostics and therapies that will extend and improve their lives, and voicing the needs of the rare disease community. As part of the University of California Davis team, your challenge is to join the rare disease community in running 7,000 miles between February 1st and February 28th, Rare Disease Day, in order to raise awareness and support for the people living with rare diseases.

To join this team, please click the ‘create your campaign’ button below. After your campaign is launched, get out and start moving! Walkers, runners and bikers of all experience levels are welcome! Invite your family and friends to pledge a donation for every mile you run in February. Check your progress on the leaderboard and see how you, other runners, and teams compare!

Proceeds from the 7,000 Mile Rare Movement Challenge will benefit NORD, which is a patient advocacy organization dedicated to individuals with rare diseases and the organizations that serve them. If you have any further questions, please reach out to Ross Martin at

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