Det's Superstars for Seattle Children's COVID-19 Relief

$78,401 Total Raised

For more than a century, Seattle Children’s has taken care of kids and families throughout our region; helping children live healthy and fulfilling lives through wars, recessions, and countless other barriers to wellness. Today, our world is facing a challenge unprecedented in our lifetimes. So many families, already worried for their sick child’s health, are counting on us to protect and care for them while we manage the challenges that come with COVID-19. They need our help.

Detlef Schrempf, one of Seattle Children's amazing champions, has rallied athletes and influencers in our region to come together on behalf of Children’s. This is your chance to join them!

Click HERE to view and bid on amazing experiences, signed memorabilia and more. You can also make a direct contribution via the green General Donation button below.


We are so thankful for the support of Det and all of the superstars, teams and corporate partners who are adding items to this fundraising effort in addition to the donations they are currently making. We are also incredibly grateful for all who donate to Det's Superstars for Seattle Children's COVID-19 Relief.