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A message from Mujahiddeen Mohammed:

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I'm excited to share that I’m participating in Bringing The Bridge to the Hill. I believe in the mission of this fundraising campaign and hope that you’ll consider supporting me. Please help me reach the campaign goal of $50,000 by donating now. I really appreciate your support. Thank you!

Let's Build!

Now more than ever, we see the clear need for change. We must move forward intentionally with lasting solutions.

The way to combat a system of oppression is to counter it with a system of opportunity and empowerment!

If we can create more opportunities for the underserved, those individuals are given the chance to actualize their potential, and in turn, communities and society are better as a whole.

“Talent is equally distributed.. whereas opportunity is not.”

Join Jordan Hill and Garry Gilliam as we raise money for The Bridge! The Bridge acquires old properties like schools, malls, and warehouses, then turns them into “eco villages” in the inner city. The properties are intended to be totally sustainable and self-contained mixed-use “Eco-Villages” with housing, commercial/retail space, co-working, urban agriculture, innovation/education center and entertainment. As such, The Bridge is a “world-class” model for other communities and Harrisburg is the founding location! Donate to help with renovation efforts (clean up, materials, construction) of the former BISHOP MCDEVITT High School into an Eco Village for our community!

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