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Keep The Lights On: Team RunGood

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A message from Jon Stanfield:

Ranked 2 of 4 fundraisers - $100 raised by 1 supporter

Goal: Raise more than the poker brat who generously kicked in $5k. I'm participating in "Keep The Lights On: Team RunGood" and am asking you to support me by pledging per “in the money” during my fundraising campaign. I believe in this cause and I'm excited to earn your support with every “in the money”. Please help me reach the campaign goal of $5000 by pledging now. I really appreciate your support. Thank you!

Let's Keep The Lights On

The Keep The Lights On Initiative is a fundraiser for Freelance Poker Media to help cover utility bills during the COVID-19 Pandemic. PokerGO, Global Poker, and RunGood Gear have each put forth a “Champion” to raise funds through donation pledges.

Each “Champion” will play TEN tournaments on stream once per week for three weeks total, Thirty Tournaments will be played in total for each “Champion”.

Pledge a donation on how many tournaments will Jamie Kerstetter be “ITM”?


Donation pledges are based on times your champion cashes. (i.e. I pledge $5 to team PokerGO, PokerGO’s champion cashes 7/30 times, $35 dollars is added to the fund.

PROAM SEAT BONUS at the PokerGO Studios:

  • The “Champion” with the largest ending bankroll will earn a seat to the ALL-STARS PROAM LIVE EVENT at the PokerGO Studios in December.

  • Donation Pledges of $5 or more to the winning “Champion” will receive a ticket to a private qualifier played online with three seats up top for the ALL-STARS PROAM LIVE EVENT at the PokerGO Studios in December.

_Donation Pledges will close by MAY 3rd. Any pledges made after MAY 3rd will NOT be eligible for the free seat into the online qualifier. _ONE-TIME Donations are greatly appreciated. Please check out to pick up a “Keep The Lights On” Hoodie with 100% of the proceeds going towards the fund.

To learn more about how funds are being distributed click here:


DateName“in the money”Earned
4/27Team PokerGO Stream #10-
4/29Team RunGood Stream #10-
5/1Team Global Poker Stream #10-
5/4Team RunGood Stream #25$7,229
5/6Team Global Poker Stream #20-
5/8Team PokerGO Stream #20-
5/11Team Global Poker Stream #30-
5/13Team PokerGO Stream #30-
5/15Team RunGood Stream #31$1,446
Keep The Lights On

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Keep The Lights On

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A fund to help Freelance Poker Media during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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