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Journey to Justice - Running to support racial justice

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A message from Patricia Pazos:

Ranked 2 of 5 fundraisers - $50 raised by 1 supporter

I'm running with my beautiful friend Ashley to support two amazing young ladies who have kickstarted "Journey to Justice - Running to support racial justice." I believe and this cause and I'm so proud of the initiative these young ladies have taken so I'll be running with them. Please help us reach the campaign goal of $4,000 by pledging now. I really appreciate your support. Thank you!

Donate to Fight Racial Injustice!

All money raised will be distributed equally to Color of Change and Campaign Zero. These organizations work to fight racial injustice in its various forms, including economic, criminal, health, and media injustices. Campaign Zero specifically works to implement police reforms such as, demilitarizing, longer training, and focusing on ways to de-escalate situations.

Our Inspiration: We want to raise money to fight for racial justice in light of recent events, including the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. The idea to run to raise money was inspired by the fact that Ahmaud Arbery was killed while he was on a run.

How to Get Involved: You can either pledge your support by the mile or at a flat rate. You can also show your support by spreading the word and/or sharing this link via social media!

With this small act we hope to inspire people to stay engaged with this issue by following our journey and watching the progress grow. Every cent will make a difference!

Thank you!


6/21st week, right on track! Thanks for the support!40$492
6/82nd week thanks for the support!46$566
6/153rd week thanks for the support!41$505
6/224th week thanks for the support!36$443
6/29HALF WAY 5th week thanks for the support!44$542
7/66th week thanks for the support!39$480
7/137th week thanks for the support!34$418
7/208th week thanks for the support!42$517
7/279th week thanks for the support!40$492
8/310th week thanks for the support!38$468
8/1011th week thanks for the support!0-
8/17We are almost there!0-
8/21We did it!0-

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