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PRIDE Soccer Club Living For Significance Fundraiser

Proceeds benefit Dutton Family Foundation


Based on 60 goals, shutouts, and wins, each worth $24.35

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A message from Spencer McCumber:

Ranked 1 of 19 fundraisers - $250 raised by 5 supporters

Hello friends and family, I am a goalkeeper on the U17 PRIDE ECNL team. The PRIDE Soccer Club is using this fundraiser to help us players raise money to help us with all fees that we need to pay. This year, being my junior year, is a very big year in my college recruiting process. Therefore we need your help because we are going out of state 5 different times for soccer. It would really mean a lot to me and my teammates if you donate to our team. You can pledge per goal, shutout, and win during my fundraising campaign; and if I were you, I would pledge most of my money to shutouts for there will be a lot of those *wink wink*. Please help me reach the campaign goal of $20,000 and personal goal of $2,000 by pledging now. We appreciate everybody’s support by pledging. Thank you!

Help The PRIDE Soccer Club Use Their Success To Become Significant

Each year, athletes make 3- pointers, throw touchdowns, score goals, and hit the game winning home run. But is their focus solely on winning and being successful, or is their focus on using the success they have on the field or the court to make a difference in the lives of others?

The PRIDE Soccer Club has chosen this year to use the success they have on the field to become SIGNIFICANT off of it. The club is participating in the PRIDE Soccer Club Living For Significance Fundraiser. This fundraiser is in partnership with Athletes For The Nations, an organization under the Dutton Family Foundation whose mission is to “Train athletes and coaches for success on the field and to teach them how to LIVE FOR SIGNIFICANCE off of it”.

The Pride Soccer Club is asking people to support them by pledging a certain dollar amount for every Goal, Shutout, and Win they have during this season.

Where Will The Money Go?

The funds raised will help each athlete Train For Success by providing funding for five out of state trips for the 2020 season.

The money raised will also help each athlete Live For Significance by helping start a soccer program in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. This program will be under the Puerto Morelos Tortugas, a partner of Athletes For The Nations. The Tortugas are a sports club that offers holistic and physical development for young children between the ages of 4-16. The majority of the kids that play with the Tortugas are living in very difficult financial situations and without your help would have no way of participating in a program like the Tortugas. Your support will help provide uniforms, practice gear, equipment, coaches, field fees, and transportation.

How Will Your Pledge Be Handled?

If you pledge $1 for every Goal, Shutout, and Win this year and the PRIDE scores 40 goals, and have 8 shutouts, and win 12 games, they will have a total of 60 goals, shutouts, and wins. Your total donation will be $60. Your card will be held until it is charged at the end of the campaign on April 15, 2020. You can also pledge a flat donation which charges your card immediately.

Please help support the PRIDE Soccer Club this year. Just think, what if every goal scored and shutout the PRIDE have would not only help them win a game, but also change a person’s life around the world.


DateNamegoals, shutouts, and winsEarned
12/5PRIDE 2019/20 Season--

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Dutton Family Foundation

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