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Boston Pledge Against Hate

Proceeds benefit Union Capital Boston, Inc.


Based on 50 haters, each worth $1,215.73

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A message from Jason Harburger:

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Help support "Boston Pledge Against Hate" by making a pledge or donation today! You will make a difference! Thank you for your support and generosity!

More Haters? More Money for Anti-Hate Groups!

Do you feel devastated by the rise of racism, anti-Semitism, and hatred of humanity? Not sure how to respond to the Neo-Nazi violence in #Charlottesville?

Responding to hate with hate does not stop hate. We know we must respond to hate with love. But how?

Pledge to donate $1 (or any amount!) for every Alt-Right/Neo Nazi/Hate-sympathizer that shows up to rally on the Boston Common this Saturday, August 19.

Show your love and pledge to donate to organizations working to end hate! #makehaterspay

More haters at Saturday’s rally? More money for Anti-Hate Groups. And the donations will be made ‘in their names’!

Less haters on Saturday = Less hate, so it is a win-win!

Your pledge of any amount for each hater will be distributed to the following organizations split evenly. We will use the Boston Police Department report for total attendees - they have issued a permit for 100 participants.

Where did we get this idea? From Germany’s fight against anti-Semitism and Neo-Nazis:

This campaign is being led by concerned citizens of Boston, and fiscally sponsored by Union Capital Boston, a 501c3 nonprofit that is not directly coordinating or managing this campaign.

You can change your pledge and total amount at any time before and after the rally.


8/19“Free Speech” Rally on the Boston Common50$60,787

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This campaign benefits

Union Capital Boston, Inc.

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