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“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives” – Jackie Robinson

Throughout life, we all encounter thousands of people that come and go, that mold and shape us into the adults we eventually become, from forming values, priorities, beliefs, and how we see the world. However, a select few impact us in such a way that their life intertwining with ours never quite leaves us. At the age of eight, I had the privilege of meeting one such person; Evan Brady.

Diagnosed with bone cancer in 2001, Evan fought a courageous battle until he sadly succumbed to the disease in 2005. Throughout his treatment at the Pennsylvania Hospital, Evan took on the role of a mentor to a fellow bone cancer patient, Ryan Kerr. Sadly, Ryan also passed away from complications with the disease. Though Evan and Ryan are no longer physically on earth, the impact that their lives had on both their families and surrounding communities inspired each community to set up an organization in their honor. Evanfest, brought to fruition by the family and friends of the Brady family in 2006, raises and donates money to assist families much like theirs, whose children are battling life-threating illnesses. The Kerr family created Ryan’s Case for Smiles, which provides hand sewn pillowcases for pediatric patients that, like Ryan and Evan, spent time in hospitals, while also providing PTSD support for the families.

Personal Connection

I was lucky enough to know Evan Brady personally and subsequently came to know Ryan’s story through the Brady family. Though Evan lost his fight with cancer, many families still wanted to continue his legacy, driving my family and I to join the Evanfest organization in its commencement in 2006. Evanfest is still 100% volunteer driven. As I continued through high school, I began sewing pillowcases with my high school basketball teammates while at the Brady’s house. Most recently, I have been able to apply my degree work from Drexel directly by serving as the social media intern for Case for Smiles this past summer.

Looking Ahead

Throughout my collegiate career at Drexel, I have encountered adversity and hurdles; from tough losses, taxing seasons, and most significantly, a season-ending injury. With my last year of eligibility, I came in wanting to truly leave everything on the court. How could I make sure that I myself have an impact on others this season? After brainstorming with friends, family, and staff, I have decided to dedicate my season to giving back. By using assists, a strength of mine on the court, and combining my passion for these organizations off the court, I have come up with a way to intertwine the two. I will be launching a season-long campaign, “Assisting Others,” that will encourage donors to pledge a dollar amount for an assist. For every assist that I record this season, that pledged amount of money will be donated to both Evanfest and Case for Smiles.

As I reflect on the adversity that I faced as an athlete these past four years, it truly is incomparable to the adversity and obstacles that Evan, Ryan, and so many others face each day. When reminiscing on times with Evan, the first thing that comes to mind was his selfless personality, in always asking others how they were without even thinking about himself. Both his and Ryan’s selflessness and courage have left a permanent impact on my life, and through this campaign, I hope to honor their legacy by having an impact on others because of their impact on me.

Meg Creighton


11/12vs. Penn State5$764
11/13v. Delaware State6$917
11/17vs. Vanderbilt8$1,223
11/22vs. Syracuse 3$459
11/27vs. Bucknell5$764
12/3vs. Cornell8$1,223
12/14vs. Niagara2$306
12/18vs. St. Joseph's2$306
12/21vs. Lafayette2$306
12/27vs. George Mason5$764
12/28vs. Massachusetts2$306
1/2vs. Towson4$611
1/7vs. Elon3$459
1/8vs. Northeastern1$153
1/14vs. UNCW2$306
1/15vs. Elon3$459
1/21vs. College of Charleston3$459
1/22vs. Hofstra4$611
1/28vs. James Madison4$611
1/29vs. Northeastern9$1,376
2/3vs. College of Charleston4$611
2/5vs. Delaware1$153
2/11vs. William and Mary1$153
2/12vs. UNCW4$611
2/18vs. Towson4$611
2/19vs. Delaware2$306
2/24vs. James Madison0-
3/2vs. Hofstra, and vs. William and Mary8$1,223
3/12Playoff Games7$1,070

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