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Jada Williams: Power of One

Proceeds benefit Kay Yow Cancer Fund


Based on 19 free throws, each worth $330.87

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A message from Aaron Smith:

I'm participating in "Jada Williams: Power of One" benefiting Kay Yow Cancer Fund. Please support me by pledging per free throw during my fundraising campaign. I believe in Kay Yow Cancer Fund's mission and I'm excited to earn your support with every free throw. Please help me reach the campaign goal of $15,000 by pledging now. I really appreciate your support. Thank you!

Our Moms, Our Grandmothers, Our Sisters, Our Aunts Need Us!

*Due to all the uncertainty around covid and many games being cancelled, we have decided to extend our campaign through February’s games. *

Every minute, in the US, a woman is diagnosed with cancer. Over the course of the next year, it’s estimated that there will be 927,910 new cases of cancer within women… this is just crazy. Beautiful lives have been lost, families have been forever changed, communities have been rattled. The need for support is urgent. The time to act is now!

What’s good ya’ll? First off, I appreciate you coming to my page here. That’s step 1. Even though I’m 16, cancer has affected my life for a long time. My Papa lost his battle to pancreatic cancer two years ago and I also have several other Aunts and Uncles that have battled or continue to battle this horrible disease.

My family has always been the pillars of my life, supporting me through ups and downs and wins and losses. Now it’s my turn to support them & every other person that has been affected or will be affected by this horrible disease. That’s why I am participating in this Power of One Free Throw Challenge. And I hope you’ll consider donating too. I really believe in the power of one. One person like you or I donating just $1 might be able to help save 1 life. Appreciate you fam.


Due to all the uncertainty around covid and many games being cancelled, we have decided to extend our campaign through February’s games

By joining my Power of One Free Throw Challenge Campaign, we can help to extend and improve the lives of those who are battling cancer. It’s simple, make a pledge for every free throw I make during the month of January. No amount is too big or too small - $1, $5, $10 or you can even make a one-time flat donation. Every pledge adds up. Together we can make a difference beyond the court. Together we can help save the ones we love.

For more information on the Kay Yow Cancer Fund go to


If you really want to get involved and make an impact you can become a fundraiser for this campaign by clicking HERE and sending your fundraiser link out to everyone you know. You will be recognized on the campaign page as you rise up the fundraiser leaderboard and I’ll shout you out on social too.


Imagine if…

ONE of your loved ones was affected by cancer

ONE dollar could lead to a life-saving/life-enhancing drug

ONE person could make a difference

Wouldn’t you want to be that ONE? I DO!

I truly appreciate everyone who has pledged alongside me. Together our impact will have a positive ripple effect on those we love. Now let’s do great things fam!


DateNamefree throwsEarned
1/8La Jolla Country Day vs. Sierra Canyon2$662
1/11La Jolla Country Day vs. Windward 0-
1/17La Jolla Country Day Victory Christian Academy0-
1/18La Jolla Country Day at Pacific Ridge0-
1/22La Jolla Country Day vs. Mount Miguel0-
1/25La Jolla Country Day vs. Tri-City0-
1/26La Jolla Country Day vs. Maranatha Christian4$1,323
1/28La Jolla Country Day vs. Parker 0-
2/4La Jolla Country Day vs. Bishop's2$662
2/11La Jolla Country Day at Bishop's1$331
2/18La Jolla Country Day vs. Westview4$1,323
2/23La Jolla Country Day vs. El Camino0-
2/27La Jolla Country Day vs. Mission Hills3$993
3/2La Jolla Country Day vs. Mater Dei3$993
3/5La Jolla Country day vs. Sierra Canyon0-
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