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Harden Assists Houston

Proceeds benefit Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund


Based on 630 assists, each worth $110.36

347 pledgers

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For every assist the Beard gets this season, adidas is pledging $100 to the Mayor’s Hurricane Relief Fund. You can pledge for every James Harden assist too!

While James and the Rockets begin this season with continued concern and a heavy heart, they are also taking the court with a renewed purpose; not just to win games, but to help support our city, our fans, our neighbors. Please join the Harden Assists Houston campaign by pledging a donation for every assist that James has this season. If you were to donate 10 cents for every assist and James has 800 assists all season, you could pledge up to $80. You can also make a one-time flat donation.



10/18@ Warriors11$1,214
10/19@ Kings9$993
10/22vs Mavericks7$773
10/24vs Grizzlies8$883
10/25@ 76ers13$1,435
10/27@ Hornets11$1,214
10/29@ Grizzlies8$883
10/31vs 76ers7$773
11/1@ Knicks9$993
11/3@ Hawks11$1,214
11/6vs. Jazz13$1,435
11/10vs Cavaliers13$1,435
11/12vs Grizzlies8$883
11/12@ Pacers15$1,655
11/15vs Raptors11$1,214
11/17@ Suns7$773
11/19@ Grizzlies7$773
11/23vs Nuggets9$993
11/26vs Knicks10$1,104
11/28vs Nets8$883
11/30vs Pacers10$1,104
12/4@ Lakers9$993
12/8@ Jazz3$331
12/10@ Trailblazers3$331
12/12vs. Pelicans17$1,876
12/14vs. Hornets8$883
12/16vs. Spurs6$662
12/17vs. Bucks5$552
12/19vs. Jazz6$662
12/21vs. Lakers9$993
12/23vs. Clippers8$883
12/26@ Thunder14$1,545
12/29@ Celtics10$1,104
12/30@ Wizards4$441
1/1vs. Lakers11$1,214
1/4@ Magic0-
1/5vs. Warriors0-
1/7@ Pistons0-
1/9@ Bulls0-
1/11vs. Trailblazers0-
1/13@ Suns0-
1/16@ Clippers0-
1/19vs Timberwolves7$773
1/21vs. Warriors8$883
1/23vs. Heat5$552
1/25@ Mavericks13$1,435
1/27@ Pelicans11$1,214
1/28vs. Suns8$883
1/31vs. Magic11$1,214
2/2@ Spurs11$1,214
2/4@ Cavaliers9$993
2/7@ Nets5$552
2/8@ Heat6$662
2/10vs Nuggets11$1,214
2/12vs. Mavericks5$552
2/14@ Timberwolves13$1,435
2/15vs. Kings9$993
2/24vs. Timberwolves9$993
2/26@ Nuggets7$773
2/27@ Jazz5$552
3/1@ Clippers7$773
3/4vs. Celtics10$1,104
3/7@ Thunder11$1,214
3/8@ Bucks6$662
3/10@ Raptors4$441
3/11@ Mavericks0-
3/13vs. Spurs6$662
3/16vs. Clippers7$773
3/17@ Pelicans8$883
3/18@ Timberwolves12$1,324
3/21@ Trailblazers7$773
3/23vs. Pistons5$552
3/25vs. Pelicans8$883
3/26vs. Hawks15$1,655
3/28vs. Bulls0-
3/31vs. Suns10$1,104
4/1@ Spurs8$883
4/4vs. Wizards9$993
4/6vs. Trailblazers7$773
4/8vs. Thunder9$993
4/11@ Lakers10$1,104
4/12@ Kings0-
Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

This campaign benefits

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Verified Charity

Mayor Turner & Judge Emmett have established the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund (housed at GHCF) for victims affected by the recent floods.

Contributions made to this campaign are tax-deductible.

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