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Granger Lions Basketball

Proceeds benefit American Cancer Society


Based on 160 3-pointers, each worth $0.06

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Join our team as we score to fight cancer this season! By making a pledge toward every 3-pointer we score, you can help support Coaches vs Cancer and the American Cancer Society.

The Coaches vs. Cancer program empowers coaches, their teams, and communities to join the fight against cancer by participating in awareness efforts, advocacy programs, and fundraising activities to help people with cancer today and to find cures to end the disease tomorrow.

To learn more about Coaches vs. Cancer, please visit

Thank you for your support!


11/9Varsity Florence at Granger--
11/15JV1 Bartlett-Scrimmage at Granger--
11/16Varsity Bartlett-Scrimmage at Granger--
11/18JV1 Rogers at Granger--
11/19Varsity Rogers at Granger--
11/21JV1 at Buckholts--
11/22Varsity at Buckholts5$0
11/22JV2 Lexington at Lexington--
11/22JV1 Lexington at Lexington--
11/29JV2 Gateway at Granger--
11/29JV1 Gateway at Granger--
11/30Varsity Gateway at Granger3$0
12/1Varsity Cameron at Granger6$0
12/2Varsity at Moody8$1
12/3Varsity at Axtel3$0
12/6JV1 Florence at Granger--
12/7Varsity Florence at Granger6$0
12/10Varsity at St. Paul0-
12/10Varsity Gonzales at Granger1$0
12/11Varsity at Flatonia3$0
12/13JV1 at Bartlett--
12/14Varsity at Bartlett4$0
12/16JV1 CTCS at Temple--
12/17Varsity CTCS at Temple2$0
12/28Varsity at Rosebud-Lott2$0
12/29Varsity West Harden at Granger1$0
12/30Varsity Shoemaker at Granger4$0
1/5JV1 Meridian Round Rock at Granger--
1/6Varsity Meridian Round Rock at Granger5$0
1/6JV1 Moody at Granger--
1/7Varsity Moody at Granger7$0
1/11JV1 Rosebud at Granger--
1/11Varsity Rosebud at Granger3$0
1/13JV1 at Milano--
1/14Varsity at Milano4$0
1/17JV2 at Thorndale--
1/18JV1 at Thorndale--
1/18Varsity at Thorndale--
1/20JV2 Mumford at Granger--
1/21JV1 Mumford at Granger5$0
1/21Varsity Mumford at Granger--
1/24JV2 Holland at Granger--
1/25JV1 Holland at Granger--
1/25Varsity Holland at Granger--
1/27JV2 at Thrall--
1/28JV1 at Thrall--
1/28Varsity at Thrall6$0
1/28Varsity at Thrall6$0
1/31JV1 Milano at Granger--
2/1Varsity at Milano--
2/1Varsity Milano at Granger3$0
2/3JV2 Thorndale at Granger--
2/3JV1 Thorndale at Granger--
2/4Varsity Thorndale at Granger1$0
2/7JV2 at Mumford--
2/7JV1 at Mumford--
2/8Varsity at Mumford--
2/10JV2 at Holland--
2/10JV1 at Holland--
2/11Varsity at Holland10$1
2/14JV2 Thrall at Granger--
2/14JV1 Thrall at Granger--
2/15Varsity Thrall at Granger--

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American Cancer Society

This campaign benefits

American Cancer Society

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The American Cancer Society’s vision is a world free from the pain and suffering of cancer. Our purpose is to achieve it.

Contributions made to this campaign are tax-deductible.

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