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Proceeds benefit Fever4Change Fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation


Based on 741 Rebounds, each worth $9.56

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A message from Tamika Catchings:

Ranked 2 of 3 fundraisers - $719.60 raised by 6 supporters

I'm participating in "Rebounds4Change" benefiting Fever4Change Fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation. Please support me by pledging per rebound during my fundraising campaign. I believe in Fever4Change Fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation's mission and I'm excited to earn your support with every rebound. Please help me reach the campaign goal of $10,000 by pledging now. I really appreciate your support. Thank you!

Help the Indiana Fever players raise funds for the Fever4Change Fund through the Central Indiana Community Foundation!

“It was important for our team to make sure we go beyond just educating and spreading awareness of social injustice. We wanted to create initiatives that provide support to organizations that are working in our communities to make actual change.”

-Natalie Achonwa, on behalf of the 2020 Indiana Fever players

During the 2020 WNBA season we are actively pursuing equality and justice every time we are pursuing a rebound. Please pledge to help us raise money for the Fever4Change Fund through the Central Indiana Community Foundation where we, the Fever players will then determine nonprofits to send grants to that help make positive change to achieve equality and justice in our community.

*When you check your estimated amount please note there is a potential of 12 playoff games in addition to the regular season games in the estimate.


7/25Fever @ Mystics28$268
7/29Fever vs. Mercury38$363
8/1Fever @ Wings41$392
8/2Fever vs. Dream32$306
8/6Fever @ Sparks29$277
8/7Fever @ Lynx29$277
8/9Fever vs. Mystics39$373
8/11Fever vs. Aces31$296
8/13Fever @ Liberty41$392
8/15Fever vs. Sparks32$306
8/18Fever @ Sun26$249
8/21Fever vs. Storm46$440
8/22Fever @ Sky27$258
8/26Fever @ Storm35$335
8/27Fever vs. Sky38$363
8/29Fever vs. Wings31$296
9/2Fever @ Dream36$344
9/4Fever @ Mercury35$335
9/5Fever vs. Sun31$296
9/9Fever @ Aces28$268
9/10Fever vs. Liberty36$344
9/12Fever vs. Lynx32$306
9/132020 WNBA Playoffs - TBD0-

This campaign benefits

Fever4Change Fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation

Verified Charity

Central Indiana Community Foundation is a catalyst for progress, and a supporter of visionary ideas with the power to improve our community and the lives of its residents. The Fever4Change Fund will raise money for Fever player causes and grants will be distributed to non-profit organizations determined by the Fever players and approved by CICF.

Contributions made to this campaign are tax-deductible.

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