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Touchdowns Against Cancer Coach Resources

The Touchdowns Against Cancer Coach Resource Center is your home for everything you need to make your team's fundraising campaign a success. Included is our Campaign Promotion Playbook, sample donor emails, a printable flyer and official program logos for download.

Checklist: Before Creating Your Campaign

People are constantly bombarded by information. Your campaign needs to share just the right amount of information effectively and quickly. Our team put together this checklist to help you get in the right mindset before creating your campaign.

Creating a Campaign (step-by-step)

Interested in launching an online fundraising campaign with PLEDGE IT? Check out this article to learn how to sign up and create your fundraising campaign from start to finish.

Picking the Right Campaign Photo

Finding the perfect photo for your fundraising campaign can be difficult. Not every athlete or team has the perfect action photo but having a clear, appropriate photo is very important. Your campaign photo is one of the first things your supporters will see when they visit your fundraising page.

How Do I Invite Others to Become a Fundraiser?

In sports, teamwork is always better than working alone. The same is true for launching a fundraising campaign. You can invite friends, family, and fans to become Fundraisers for your fundraising campaign. Just imagine the impact you can have if you invite close friends to create their own fundraising page and ask them to invite their friends to donate, and then a couple of friends of friends decide to do the same.

Promoting Your Campaign

Congratulations on launching your PLEDGE IT fundraising campaign! You’re well on your way to earning more funds than ever for your cause this season. So now you can just sit back, kick your feet up and watch the money roll in, right? Not quite. Come on, even an automatic car requires steering. The most successful campaigns are actively promoted throughout the community.

Promoting Your Professional Athlete Fundraising Campaign

We’ve put together some tips and best practices to ensure your campaign maximizes its fundraising potential. Be sure to set aside time to read each section. These tips are designed to help you promote your campaign, turn casual fans into excited supporters, and ultimately maximize your fundraising potential.

Fundraising Tips

Fundraising can be difficult, especially when it's your first time asking supporters for money. Check out the below list of fundraising tips. All of these tips have been compiled from others who launched successful fundraising campaigns.

How to Get Local Media to Write About Your Fundraiser

Getting your fundraiser picked up by the media is a great way to raise more support within your town or city. The PLEDGE IT team put together a few helpful tips to increase the likelihood that your story gets covered by the media.

Before Launching Your Campaign

Before you start building your fundraising campaign, learn the basics about how to do so in the most effective manner. Our team created the below guides and resources to ultimately help you think about fundraising in the right way, create a compelling campaign and attract people to pledge and donate to your fundraising campaign.