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Miles for Justice - Black Lives Matter

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Miles For Justice - Black Lives Matter

My mission is to complete a 5km (3.1 miles) run each day in June which will total about 95 miles for the month. I have already run a 5K per day for 50+ consecutive days. It is my goal to raise $5,000 toward justice for Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and countless other black men and women who have been killed simply for being black. Each donation will go to The Action PAC. The Action PAC is leading the push to demand those responsible for the death of these unarmed black citizens are charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The organization is led by civil rights attorney Lee Merit and civil rights activist Shaun King to end bigotry and racism in America. I hope you can support me by contributing to this campaign and providing some fuel for all my runs through the hot summer days of June. Please make a monetary pledge per mile run, any and every thing will be appreciated whether that is ten dollars or ten cents. - Daryl Murphy

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6/2June 1st 5K3.15$169
6/2June 2nd 5K3.12$167
6/3June 3rd 5K3.12$167
6/4June 4th 5K3.14$168
6/5June 5th 5K3.21$172
6/6June 6th 5K3.18$170
6/7June 7th 5K3.12$167
6/8June 8th 5K3.13$168
6/9June 9th 5K3.17$170
6/10June 10th 5K3.10$166
6/11June 11th 5K3.16$169
6/12June 12th 5K3.12$167
6/13June 13th 5K3.11$167
6/14June 14th 5K3.11$167
6/15June 15th 5K3.14$168
6/16June 16th 5K3.10$166
6/17June 17th 5K3.12$167
6/18June 18th 5K3.23$173
6/19June 19th 5K3.23$173
6/20June 20th 5K3.17$170
6/21June 21st 5K3.12$167
6/22June 22nd 5K3.17$170
6/23June 23rd 5K3.12$167
6/24June 24th 5K3.16$169
6/25June 25th 5K5$268
6/26June 26th 5K3.13$168
6/27June 27th 5K3.14$168
6/28June 28th 5K3.14$168
6/29June 29th 5K3.14$168
6/30June 30th 5K3.14$168

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