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Vicki's Minions races for Operation Motorsport!

Proceeds benefit Operation Motorsport Program Foundation, Inc.


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Support your favorite endurance team and read about the Veteran they are racing with!

The Vicki’s Minions racing team will be partnered up and driving in honor of Kristin Bell, a US Army Veteran and Operation Motorsport beneficiary!

**Kristin is a SSG Army Reserve with 15.5 years of service and is currently assigned to Civil Affairs NCO for U.S. Army Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. **

Kistin says_ “It was so good to feel like a member for a team again. When you’re “hurt”, you’re unintentionally pushed aside to heal. It really starts to make you feel down. The one thing I did get to take away was new friends and great memories. For me, that’s enough…..I loved how we were asked what we were interested in. That helped place us with the various teams. I wanted to get my hands dirty while others wanted to work with hospitality. We were placed right where we wanted to be. I think that helped with the experience as well. It opened the possibility up for me to explore a trade I have always been interested in.”

These drivers will do their best to race hard and complete as many laps as possible to help aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of these US/Canadian heros!

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DateNamelaps completedEarned
5/30Le Mans Circuit46$324

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This campaign benefits

Operation Motorsport Program Foundation, Inc.

Verified Charity

The premise is to engage ill & injured Service Members & veterans through Motorsport activities to aid in their recovery and rehab.

Contributions made to this campaign are tax-deductible.

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