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Trekking for kids in Gaza and for abolition!

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This final stretch of the PCT will support kids in Gaza and abolition in the U.S!

UPDATE: Given the fresh crisis in Gaza, we intend to distribute any funds above and beyond our campaign goal to support families in Gaza in this current crisis. There are dozens of families who have left their home due to tank shelling and bombardment who will need to find a place to stay, there will be acute food insecurity, medical needs, both during this assault (however long it lasts) and in the aftermath. We hope we can raise enough during these last days of the campaign to be able to support the needs of as many families as possible.

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I’ve been hiking the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail (from the settler colonial borders of Canada to Mexico) since 2017.

The annual hike raises funds for medical care for kids in Gaza, and for Donkeysaddle Projects.

My plan is to finish my final southbound stretch of the PCT (570 miles) on May 6, reaching the border with Mexico on my 50th birthday.

Here’s who you will be supporting when you support the final stretch of my PCT hike!

ABDALLAH: Abdallah is a 12-year-old boy in Gaza with a potentially life-threatening chest and lung disease. I first met Abdallah in 2015 when I was reporting in Gaza for Al Jazeera America. Your donations will ensure that Abdallah gets the best medical care available in Gaza, including medicine for his lungs, a special diet to keep him strong, and warm clothes for the winter to stave off illness. (The Israeli army has denied Abdallah permission to continue treatment at a hospital in Tel Aviv.)

MOHAMMED: Mohammed is a 14-year-old boy in Gaza who was shot above the knee in 2018 by an Israeli sniper, severing his nerve and leaving him unable to walk. I first met Mohammed in early 2019 when I was reporting in Gaza for +972Magazine. Your donations will ensure that Mohammed has transportation to his school and a special diet to keep his muscles strong while he waits until his next opportunity for a nerve transplant surgery. (He already underwent two unsuccessful attempts.)

L: Abdallah, R: Mohammed

THE ABOLITION PROJECT: The conviction that we urgently need to develop alternatives to the criminal punishment system and the police lays at the heart of Donkeysaddle Projects’ new Abolition Project. From Abolition Learning Circles and death penalty repeal campaigns, to completion of our I Am Troy Davis documentary film and immersive theatre piece focused on ICE detention, DSP’s Abolition Project is part of movement efforts for a new path forward.

Cherrell Brown (bottom center, with members of the I Am Troy Davis collective) leads DSP’s new Abolition Project


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