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Let's tackle a better future!

This season, my goal is to expand the reach of Motivation Foundation into the communities of the Dallas & Los Angeles area. To do this, I’m shooting for 40 tackles to raise $21,000 and I’ll be pledging $210 per tackle! This is YOURchance to join me in creating opportunities for success in the lives of underprivileged children.

In the Dallas area alone, 70% of youth are living in what is considered low-income households. Additionally, only 25% of them are considered college ready by the time they graduate. Motivation Foundation was founded on the mission of empowering underprivileged youth by providing resources so that they may reach their goals through a shared love of sports. We believe through access to educational and career support, a framework can be built for assurance and success in life on and off the field. Motivation Foundation hopes to provide this support through encouragement, confidence building, and financial provision.

Additionally, we urge youth to explore their interest and passion not only in sports, but in all areas of life. Becoming our next doctors, lawyers, engineers, may seem like a dream far from reality if our youth are never given the opportunity to engage with leaders in various industries and pursue their interest. This is why our ultimate goal is to host a career summit with professionals from their own communities, in hopes of making these dreams and aspirations more attainable through mentorship and inspiration.

To do this, we need your help. Your support does make a difference! In fact, research indicates that youth who are surrounded by positive opportunities and encounters are less likely to engage in risky behavior and are more likely to successfully transition into adulthood. Additionally, mentored youths are 55% more likely to enroll in college or university. You can donate TWO ways:

  1. By making a pledge for every tackle
  2. By making a one-time donation

Motivation Foundation has many events in the pipeline we can’t wait to share with our youth and our communities. Your tax-deductible donation will go directly towards programs we host throughout the year such as the back pack giveaway, skills camp, support to struggling families during the holiday season, involvement with the greater Watts area of Los Angeles, along with funding for future programs. Join me in the pledge to aid underprivileged children in my hometown of Dallas & Los Angeles. Together we can help ensure every child has the chance to reach their fullest potential.

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8/11Rams VS Raiders0-
8/18Rams VS Cowboys0-
8/25Rams VS Broncos0-
8/30Rams VS Texans0-
9/8Rams VS Panthers1$210
9/15Rams VS Saints2$420
9/23Rams VS Browns5$1,050
9/29Rams VS Buccaneers3$630
10/4Rams VS Seahawks3$630
10/13Rams VS 49ers0-
10/20Rams VS Falcons0-
10/27Rams VS Bengals0-
11/10Rams VS Steelers--
11/18Rams VS Bears--
11/26Rams VS Ravens--
12/1Rams VS Cardinals--
12/9Rams VS Seahawks--
12/15Rams VS Cowboys--
12/22Rams VS 49ers--
12/29Rams VS Cardinals--

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