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$10,000 and 205 miles around Lake Tahoe

In the past two years I’ve suffered from a string of injuries that have resulted in 4 operations, 12 screws, 2 plates and many months of physical therapy. As someone whose identity is so wrapped up in my ability to move, overcoming these injuries has challenged me in ways I’ve never experienced. Throughout this journey I’ve been fortunate to have had an incredible support system of friends, family, sponsors, doctors, and physical therapists to help me navigate the physical, mental, and emotional turbulence of injury. After many years of working in countries like Kenya and Haiti, I recognize that having access to this safety net is a tremendous privilege, and I want to pay it forward.

On September 7th I’m setting off on a journey to complete the Tahoe 200 Endurance Run; a 205 mile trail race that circumnavigates the sparkling, clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe. Why? I’ve always found it odd when people claim that they are taking on a physical challenge for someone or something else. In the end, I recognize that pursuits like this are incredibly personal, selfish even. For me, completing the Tahoe 200 is about moving past this rough period in my life- a nod to myself that I will not be defined by my injuries.

Having said that, I’ve come to learn that ego is fickle and in order to have the strength to overcome adversity it’s important to have a purpose. So here is mine.

Back in 2015, Peter, an employee at Flying Kites, was volunteering to help fix a community road when a massive concrete block fell on his leg, breaking his femur. In many ways he was lucky that his injuries weren’t more serious, but he still had to face the reality that his options for medical care in rural Kenya were grim. Over the course of the next few years, Peter suffered immensely through multiple botched surgeries and numerous infections for what should have been a relatively simple procedure. Three years later, and Peter can barely walk without agonizing pain. Peter’s story is all-to-common in the communities we serve at Flying Kites, where access to the most basic of needs (food, clean water, heath care) is a luxury. Yet, despite such overwhelming challenges, everyday they fight with everything they have to carve out opportunities for themselves and their families.

It’s this grit, this unwillingness to accept defeat in the face of such poor odds, that inspires me and reminds me just how privileged I truly am. It’s my hope that I can leverage my journey at Tahoe to help Flying Kites continue to be a source of support for those in need.

Please consider making a pledge for each mile I’m able to complete and all funds will go towards the health and social services program at Flying Kites. Thank so much for your support!


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