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Strides 2019

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Let's make “Strides” for Parkinson's!


I’m Andrew Long, and Strides is a program I started in 2018 to raise money for Parkinson’s Disease research, prevention, and patient support. Why did I create Strides? My grandfather was diagnosed with Parkinson’s over a decade ago, and watching him fight the disease inspired me to join the fight as well.

Here’s how the program works - each year, I run a set number of miles in exchange for pledges and donations that help the fight against Parkinson’s. Last year, my goal was to run 300 miles and raise $3000 for the Michael J. Fox Foundation in support of Parkinson’s research. I ended up running 558 miles and, thanks to many supporters like you, we raised more than $6000.  Because of our success, this year I’m raising the bar. I have set my goal this year for 600 miles and $10,000. I know with your help we can achieve it!

One of the most critical things I’ve learned from my grandpa’s illness is that Parkinson’s affects more than just the one with the disease. It affects family, friends, finances, and many other aspects you might never consider. My grandma has been my grandpa’s main support system, attending informational meetings, taking him to doctors for treatment, managing the many medicines he needs, and much more. My grandparents are fortunate in that they live in Nashville, arguably the best American city for Parkinson’s research and treatment. This has resulted in considerable improvement in my grandpa’s outlook, motion, and speech.

But not everybody has such fortunate circumstances, and many people impacted by Parkinson's are unable to get access to the treatment and resources they desperately need. Along with this, caretakers and loved ones don’t have support systems to help manage Parkinson’s effectively. This year Strides donations will go to both The Davis Phinney Foundation and the American Parkinson’s Disease Association, or APDA; organizations that provide support, education and research to help anyone impacted by Parkinson’s live life to the fullest.

The program will work the same as last year. I am again looking for pledges of $0.10 per mile - that’s a total individual pledge of just $60 for the whole year. Higher pledges or flat donations are welcome, but not expected. All pledges are capped at 600 miles, even if I run more. If you make a per-mile pledge and I don’t run all 600 miles by the end of the year, you don’t pay anything. Please note that if you make a flat donation rather than a mileage pledge, your donation will process immediately rather than when I complete the running. I will track my progress through an app and share it online each month via Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to pledging, one of the most important things you can do is forward this link to at least ONE MORE PERSON you think would be interested in participating, and then ask them to do the same. Just think of the impact this small act will have on stopping a disease that stops so many from living the life they want to.

So that’s it - I run, you pledge, and together we fight Parkinson’s.


Thank you!

Andrew Long


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