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Stamping Out Cancer, One Step At A Time

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Help Us Stamp Out Cancer!

In Litchfield, IL, we are no different than other places in that we have a story to tell about cancer and how it has effected our community. We have lost friends and family to this disease while also realizing victories through those who have survived and the ones who are still fighting. Litchfield is the largest town in Montgomery County with about 7,000 residents and a total county population of 29,000. While it may be a small county, we sure are a loving, caring, and energetic one! No matter how much love and compassion our community members may have, one thing we cannot do is beat cancer and the burdens that come with it on our own.

My wife, Stephanie, and I joined Stamp Out Cancer this year for their annual fundraiser in January that raises funds for the Montgomery County Cancer Association. This is a non-profit that goes to great causes such as funding the needs of cancer patients, assisting cancer care centers, and investing in research to someday end this war on cancer. To raise funds, I will be running in the Charleston Marathon on January 12th, 2019 and my goal is to raise $400 per mile totaling $10,480 for this cause. You do not have to pledge an amount per mile, as a straight donation is appreciated as well!

Thank you for your time and helping us Stamp Out Cancer, one step at a time! Chris & Stephanie Short

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1/12Charleston Marathon26.20$3,784

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