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Miles For Justice - Breonna Taylor

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Based on 129 miles, each worth $40.50

120 pledgers

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Running a 5k a Day to Raise $5k for Justice

Every day I will dedicate a 5km (3.1mi) run to Justice For Breonna Taylor “5k for $5k”. Breonna, an EMT, was murdered by Louisville Metro Police Officers in her home as she lay in bed. The plain clothed officers fired their weapons without regard for innocent human life and struck Taylor eight times. To this day no one has been held accountable for Breonna’s death. There is no video footage of the raid for the world to see and the laws in effect oppose our hope for justice. If Black Lives Matter then known killers must be arrested and prosecuted whether the murder is on tape or not. Say her name and join me on this journey to raise $5,000 to seek Justice for Breonna Taylor.

I have completed a 3 mile run for 100+ consecutive days and am looking to push the streak to 137 days. I run a 5K a day for justice and I will continue to run each day until charges are pressed against those responsible (Brett Hankison, Jonathan Mattingly, Myles Cosgrove) for murdering Breonna Taylor. In June I ran a 5k every day to raise $5,000 for The Action Pac’s Grassroots Law Project. That “5k for $5k” ( took 37 days and subsequently this campaign for Breonna Taylor will consist of 37, 5km runs which will cover approximately 125 miles.

Please consider a pledge per mile or making a flat donation. The funds will be donated to Until Freedom, which has organized several demonstrations in Kentucky to demand justice for Breonna Taylor. Until Freedom is the organization behind the 500 person march at the Kentucky State Capital and the protest outside Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s home, where 87 people were arrested. In total more than 400 people have been arrested for protesting Breonna’s murder while ZERO have been arrested for the actual murder. Stand with Bre and make a pledge to seek the justice she and her family deserve. Contact: @stretchmurphy


7/235K 1013.47$141
7/245K 1023.53$143
7/255K 1033.33$135
7/265K 1044.05$164
7/275K 1053.70$150
7/285K 1063.42$139
7/295K 1073.19$129
7/305K 1083.19$129
7/315K 1093.13$127
8/15K 1103.19$129
8/25K 1113.83$155
8/35K 1123.22$130
8/45K 1133.41$138
8/55K 1143.50$142
8/65K 1153.14$127
8/75K 1163.13$127
8/85K 1173.15$128
8/95K 1183.14$127
8/105K 1193.31$134
8/115K 1203.39$137
8/125K 1213.39$137
8/135K 1223.79$153
8/145K 1236.32$256
8/155K 1243.98$161
8/165K 1253.41$138
8/175K 1263.11$126
8/185K 1273.44$139
8/195K 1283.36$136
8/205K 1293.33$135
8/215K 1303.31$134
8/225K 1313.26$132
8/235K 1323.40$138
8/245K 1333.98$161
8/255K 1343.33$135
8/265K 1353.45$140
8/275K 1363.92$159
8/285K 1373.13$127

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