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Running for Transgender Equity!

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Based on 66 miles, each worth $6.08

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Supporting Trans People, One Mile at a Time

My name is Milo, I’m a queer trans person, civil rights attorney, consultant, and farmer. I’m going against my biological disposition to train to run a marathon – the furthest I’ve ever run in my life! – in effort to raise money to support transgender people across the country. Here’s how it works:

(1) You pledge to donate $ for every mile I run in preparation for a marathon, and the marathon itself – about 1,300 miles total!

(2) Your donations will support the Marsha P. Johnson Institute and the Trans Justice Funding Project – both organizations that are actively helping trans folks in crisis and/or supporting grassroots trans-led organizing efforts nationwide.

(3) In exchange, I’m sharing videos of my running journey with you, talking about trans folks and sharing casual conversations with trans leaders across the country -- check them out here:

You learn about and help trans people in tangible ways, and I get my butt off the couch during this global pandemic! Everyone wins!


5/5Training Week 112$73
5/12Training Week 215.50$94
5/19Training Week 318$110
5/26Training Week 415.50$94
6/2Training Week 53$18
6/9Training Week 62$12
6/16Training Week 70-
6/23Training Week 80-
6/30Training Week 90-
7/7Training Week 100-
7/14Training Week 110-
7/21Training Week 120-
7/28Training Week 130-
8/4Training Week 140-
8/11Training Week 150-
8/18Training Week 150-
8/25Training Week 160-
9/1Training Week 170-
9/8Training Week 180-
9/15Training Week 190-
9/22Training Week 200-
9/29Training Week 210-
10/6Training Week 220-
10/13Training Week 230-
10/20Training Week 240-
10/27Training Week 250-
11/3Training Week 260-
11/10Training Week 270-
11/14Milo's Virtual Marathon (Pandemic Edition)0-

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