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My name is Ricardo Benitez. I was born without femur bones in both of my legs, and I am running a marathon on April 25 2020. I will be running the marathon in Waco, Texas. Originally, I was supposed to run the marathon apart of the Waco Silo District Marathon, but due to the virus the event was moved to the fall of 2020. I have been training for the marathon since August of 2019, and I can not put this race off any longer. A Marathon is a 26.2 mile run which is a tough challenge for anyone attempting the race. I was born without femur bones in both of my legs, so that will probably not make the race any easier.

All my life I have been told what I am. I have been told what I could do, and what I could not do. I have never listened to any of them. I have fought all of them with my eyes on God, and with a relentless fight in my heart. But things changed. The enemy hit me. The enemy came at me with all of the weapons he had to take me away from the destiny God has planned for me. I wish I could say I was not affected by this attack, but I was destroyed. I lost who I was. I no longer felt I had value. Over a year I have been in this war. I have been in this dark. The light is now here. When the world hits you, you fight them back. You give them everything you got.

I was born with an ability to walk, run, and workout. It may not be the same mobility as the people around me, but it is still a gift God gave me. I have met a lot of people who do not have the ability to workout, run, or even walk. It would be an absolute shame if I do not use the ABILITY of mobility that God has given me to its full potential. I want to run for those who would love to run. For those who would cherish just a second of a life they have always dreamed of.

I want to do great things with this race other than just completing it. Camp John Marc is a camp that hosts one week summer camps for kids with chronic and physical challenges. Money is raised throughout the year so each camper can go to camp for free. I was a previous camper for the past nine years, and was a first time counselor this past summer at Camp John Marc. I have seen what this camp has done for others, and what it has done for myself. The camp has helped me build confidence within myself at an early age. I firmly believe that I would not have the courage to run this marathon without Camp John Marc. I would love to raise money for kids to attend Camp John Marc throughout the marathon. I understand these are unprecedented times, so there is no “goal” for this campaign. If you are able to give, or not able to give all I ask is that you please share this link with the hashtag #RUNRICARDORUN. Thank you so much for your heart.

You are Special. You have so much good to give to the world. You are Important. You were created to be the leader of endless meaningful monumental changes to the world. You are Valuable. Your heart, your spirit, your life is so valuable. I am sorry you are hurting. I am sorry you keep fighting attack after attack. They will not win. Go fight for your dream.

This marathon will be a war. But the God I serve is greater. You have already won. You have already crossed the finish line. It is time for us to fight. It is time to pursue the horizon. It is time.

They are not taking this dream from me.

Ricardo Benitez.

Social Media: @nofemurkid



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