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Pledge for introducing a non-hunter to Whitetail hunting 🏹

I am participating in GoWild’s Stronger Together Challenge to raise money and awareness for Raise ‘Em Outdoors, a non-profit dedicated to helping kids from any background get outdoors. Raise ‘Em Outdoors helps kids and their parents learn about the outdoors lifestyle through camps across the country.

To support my Stronger Together Challenge you can pledge any amount for every hour I spend mentoring a non-hunter during the month of September. My goal is to mentor for 10 hours or more! For example, if you pledge $10 per hour mentored and I mentor 10 hours, that’s $100 to support Raise ‘Em Outdoors’ mission. I’ll be officially logging my mentor hours through the GoWild app.

Check out where I stand against fellow outdoors enthusiasts on the Stronger Together Challenge Leaderboard!


Raise Them Outdoors Inc

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Raise Them Outdoors Inc

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Raise ‘Em Outdoors is dedicated to helping kids from any back ground get outdoors, learn all about hunting, fishing, bringing food to the table, and the outdoors as a lifestyle. We are hosting annual outdoor camps across the nation as an intro to the outdoors and to connect traditional families with non traditional families. This site is here to help kids and parents to learn about their outdoor interests, and helping protect our outdoor lifestyle. As well as connect those to want to help the next generation get involved.

Contributions made to this campaign are tax-deductible.

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