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Energy is the main thing that works out well if we have it, it does not make any difference if it is physical energy or mental energy. But it is true that if you are physically fit and having ample strength and energy in the body, then you easily pump your mental energy (motivation) to face the difficulties and get victory over.

Physical energy that we have with us is coming from only source i.e. Food. Perhaps most of the people do not have any detailed idea about it, but most of the doctors always say this thing “Your energy level depends upon the food that you eat”. If you are eating organic food which is a combination of fiber, proteins, carbohydrates and other mineral then it is for sure that you will be having the highest amount of energy to put into any task. If you continually eat high fat food and the food that helps you gain more and more fats then one will experience a good amount of energy in his life. Though fat is one of the essential food items which is required by our body, but it should not be consumed in excess than you required otherwise it will make you fat. So one should eat managed food to maintain an energy level and having good health.

1)      Eggs – This food item which contains a universe of factors that our body needs to live. It contains proteins, carbohydrates, which are required to get good amount of energy.

2)      Sweet Potato – Though weight loss people avoid this, but one could keep eating it moderate quantity as it has a good amount of various nutritional factors, such as nutrients, minerals, proteins that sums up your body energy. Along with these nutritional factors, it contains various Vitamins, dietary fiber, which again add some contribution towards good health.

3)      Vegetables – Almost every vegetable we know we must eat them frequently. Vegetables such as spinach, broccoli contains a huge amount of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants which helps you boost your energy level.

4)      Water – Every one supposes to drink 3-4 liters of water everyday and that could vary depending on how active body is. Water protects the body from dehydration and it is really important that our body contains enough amount of water.

We can find something good in every food item, but it is required to eat nutritious food every day to keep energy levels  high.

Feeling Low In The Morning – There are many reasons behind feeling low in the early morning, it could be due to hunger, lack of water or just due to physical or mental stress. The body needs rest as per its convenience; unless it is fully recovered it will not make you feel fresh. Sometime early morning body needs some sugar and you might feel low due to lack of sugar.

Feeling Low At Work – Most of the men who feel very low at work also have their work. This happens because when you hate your work you act against your mind. Mind or brain experience stress as it is not ready for work and thus many people feel lazy or sleepy during office timing.

Feeling Low After Having Food – Though it sounds strange how one could feel low after having food, it happens regularly to everyone. When we eat after a long time body deprives energy and it craves for energy. But we should understand the fact after long hunger body cannot handle the explosion of energy. Thus we feel low which is the false assumption of sleep.

Feeling Low All The Time – Many people complain about feeling throughout the day. A common reason is when both body and mind is not replenished with energy and rest, it cannot support us. Thus if you are feeling low all day long, you must take complete rest for a day and then experience yourself. If you are still feeling low then you might need to consult with a doctor.

Even if we are feeling something we should focus on our goals, target and buy Silvitra to divert our mind from such feeling.

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