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Phoebe's Weight Loss Challenge for Street Dog Care

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Based on 10 lost kgs, each worth $203.82

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Help me meet my weight loss goals AND donate to an incredibly worthy cause!

Well, my 30th birthday came and went and so did my metabolism!

COVID lockdowns provided a fabulous opportunity for me pretend calories didn’t count but the time has come to get serious and get healthy once and for all. And because I have the willpower of a potato when it comes to healthy eating and exercise, I am now turning to the most tried-and-true method of getting things done - peer pressure!

Starting April 1st, I am setting off on my weight loss journey with the intention of losing 10kg AND doing some good along the way.

I have chosen a cause very dear to my heart - Street Dog Care - to serve as the driving force behind this weight loss challenge. Your donations will help keep me motivated and inspired (and obligated!) AND will make a real difference in the lives of so many beautiful animals which would otherwise be left in real suffering.

I’m inviting you to make a pledge per lost kg I record during this journey. You can pledge any dollar amount or make a one-time flat donation.

About SDC:

Street Dog Care is a charity doing amazing work caring for the street dogs of Nepal. With this area being so isolated, there is no postal service available and they rely solely on donations or visitors to bring in much-needed medical supplies. COVID travel restrictions has made those visitor numbers almost completely dry up, so those donations are needed more than ever!! You can learn more about their work here:

Thank you for your belief in me and your compassion for this cause! Sending you all so much love.

xox Phoebe

p.s. Please note donations are in USD!


DateNamelost kgsEarned
4/1Weigh-In #11.30$265
4/5Weigh-In #21.10$224
4/23Weigh-In #30.60$122
4/29Weigh-In #41.30$265
5/5Weigh-In #50.90$183
5/13Weigh-In #60.50$102
5/25Weigh-In #71.70$346
10/1Weigh-In #80.80$163
11/1Weigh-In #90.90$183
12/1Weigh-In #100.90$183

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