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Mission: P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C. (Pseudo-Athletic Triathlonlike Humble Effort To Invite Contributions)

Proceeds benefit Evanston Public Library Friends


Based on 75 miles, each worth $128.64

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Help me support the Evanston Public Library in good health

Howdy. So you got my email and here you are. I’ll repeat just a bit of that message: Can’t do a real triathlon this year, but can do the 3 activities, slowly, while benefiting EPL.

The aim this month is to bike/jog/swim 60/60/60 whatevers for my 60th birthday. Miles, laps, whatever. A total of 60-75 miles. (Most on bike, some on foot, maybe a couple in the water. Always slowly.)

A word about public libraries these days. They do so much. They foster literacy and community, and provide shelter. Library staffers are often first-line social workers as well as information guides. Their value is enormous, especially for our neighbors in trouble. EPL’s annual report tells much of the story. Check it out.

And thanks for your support!

– Jeff/Balch/Balchie / Maple & Zephyr’s dad


5/7Bike with Katia4$515
5/8Walk w/ Poppy et al2$257
5/9Bike with Jerry6$772
5/11Bike with Tom & Mike8$1,029
5/12Walk w/ Poppy et al2$257
5/14Walk with Tim & Luke3$386
5/16Swim w/ gang0.50$64
5/17Bike w/ IRS mail5.50$708
5/18Shuffle w/ Reid et al2$257
5/19Bike at Channel Trail5$643
5/20Shuffle with Lois2$257
5/21Bike at James Park5$643
5/22Bike with Mike7$900
5/24Bike with Wynn6$772
5/26Bike w/ Z4$515
5/27Shuffle w/ Reid, later w/ Jerry & Julie2.50$322
5/28Swim w/ gang0.50$64
5/29Walk with Uncle Chad1$129
5/30Walk with gang2$257
5/30Bike w/ Uncle Chad7$900

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Evanston Public Library Friends

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Dedicated to strengthening EPL's innovation, leadership and neighborhood outreach. Partnering with EPL for P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C.

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