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Miles For Justice - Little Free Libraries

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Miles For Justice III

Reading is at risk! Fewer and fewer young adults are reading and subsequently fewer and fewer children are reading. It is reported that less than 20% of teens ever read a book on their own accord. The goal of this campaign is to increase book access and reading in marginalized communities by planting Little Free Libraries in those areas. A book can be life changing and lead to a life of prosperity. A wise man once said “all the secrets of the world are hidden inside the pages of a book.” This campaign aims to put those books right in the heart of the community, so that wisdom can seep out to uplift and unify the community.

Miles For Justice is a grassroots initiative led by Daryl Murphy in which he runs a 5k (3.1mi) or more every single day as a silent protest of systemic and systematic discrimination. He has run for more than 300+ consecutive days no matter the circumstances, through the summer heat and winter snow. The 5k a day run streak was born during the coronavirus global shutdown and Miles For Justice came of age during the summer social uprisings. This is the third Miles For Justice campaign and the objective of Miles For Justice III (MFJ3) is to raise $10,000 to bring 10 Little Free Libraries filled with representative books into communities of need. Each library will be placed in a location with ample foot traffic that’s easily accessible for all members of the community.

This installment of Miles For Justice will leave a lasting impact on our communities. These libraries will be a permanent fixture where all members of the community can take and leave books as they choose. Each library initially will be stocked with books representative of the people and needs of those who live in the community. Please pledge a donation if you are able and everyone please share this campaign with family, friends and associates. Miles For Justice III. #MFJ3

Exact locations for the libraries are tbd. Please reach out if you have a location where you would like to see a Little Free Library. Thank you for your interest in the Miles For Justice campaign and thank you in advance for your support!

Contact: or @StretchMurphy

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1/3Run Streak Day 2656.15$132
1/4Run Streak Day 2663.11$67
1/5Run Streak Day 2677.22$155
1/6Run Streak Day 2688.03$172
1/7Run Streak Day 2693.51$75
1/8Run Streak Day 2706.01$129
1/9Run Streak Day 2716.66$143
1/10Run Streak Day 2725.05$108
1/11Run Streak Day 2736.25$134
1/12Run Streak Day 2744$86
1/13Run Streak Day 2756.12$131
1/14Run Streak Day 2768.05$173
1/15Run Streak Day 2775.58$120
1/16Run Streak Day 2786.21$133
1/17Run Streak Day 2796.23$134
1/18Run Streak Day 2805.52$118
1/19Run Streak Day 2817.21$155
1/20Run Streak Day 2827.71$165
1/21Run Streak Day 2838.46$182
1/22Run Streak Day 2844.71$101
1/23Run Streak Day 2856$129
1/24Run Streak Day 2866.66$143
1/25Run Streak Day 2876.27$135
1/26Run Streak Day 2887.01$150
1/27Run Streak Day 2893.44$74
1/28Run Streak Day 2907$150
1/29Run Streak Day 2917.07$152
1/30Run Streak Day 29213.33$286
1/31Run Streak Day 2935$107
2/1Run Streak Day 2948.03$172
2/2Run Streak Day 2955.31$114
2/3Run Streak Day 2963.12$67
2/4Run Streak Day 2976.25$134
2/5Run Streak Day 2984.02$86
2/6Run Streak Day 2993.14$67
2/7Run Streak Day 3004.60$99
2/8Run Streak Day 3016.12$131
2/9Run Streak Day 3023.35$72
2/10Run Streak Day 3034.08$88
2/11Run Streak Day 3044.01$86
2/12Run Streak Day 3054.01$86
2/13Run Streak Day 30613.53$290
2/14Run Streak Day 3075.58$120
2/15Run Streak Day 3085.08$109
2/16Run Streak Day 30914.64$314
2/17Run Streak Day 3106.26$134
2/18Run Streak Day 3114.01$86
2/19Run Streak Day 3126.34$136
2/20Run Streak Day 3138.31$178
2/21Run Streak Day 3148.02$172
2/22Run Streak Day 3154$86
2/23Run Streak Day 3165.85$126
2/24Run Streak Day 31711.01$236
2/25Run Streak Day 31815.22$327
2/26Run Streak Day 3195.05$108
2/27Run Streak Day 3204$86
2/28Run Streak Day 3215$107
3/1Run Streak Day 32210.60$227
3/2Run Streak Day 3238.01$172
3/3Run Streak Day 3246.50$139
3/4Run Streak Day 3254.01$86
3/5Run Streak Day 3266.11$131
3/6Run Streak Day 3277.11$153
3/7Run Streak Day 32811.11$238
3/8Run Streak Day 3297$150
3/9Run Streak Day 3307.02$151
3/10Run Streak Day 3319.96$214
3/11Run Streak Day 3326.37$137
3/12Run Streak Day 3335.45$117
3/13Run Streak Day 33416.44$353

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