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Matt Atkinson: Still I Run 500 mile Trail Challenge for Mental Health Awareness

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Help me raise money for Still I Run - Runners for Mental Health Awareness!

UPDATE: Finished with 296 trail, mud and snow miles. Thanks for the support in 2019!

Hi all!

As you likely know, I am an advocate for mental health and suicide awareness. Here’s why:

  • Mental health issues are more common than we think: the World Health Organization states that one in four people will have a mental health issue at some point in their lives. But because of the BS stigma around mental health, far too many people don’t seek help until there is a crisis situation
  • I am living with depression and anxiety, and have done so for decades. But because of the BS stigma around mental health, I kept it hidden, I toughed it out, I didn’t seek help until a year ago. I don’t want anyone to suffer needlessly as I have.
  • People I love are living with mental health issues, and I want them to know that I stand with them, and that it’s okay to seek help.
  • The statistics make it certain that I have friends that are hiding it, toughing it out, and not seeking treatment because of the BS stigma around mental health. (Do you see a pattern?)

I’m taking on a challenge to raise money and awareness for mental health and I’d love for you to come along for the journey. I’m inviting friends and family to pledge a donation for every mile I complete for my target:

500 miles between now and the start of winter this year (that works out to a half-marathon + a 5k every week). You can also make a one-time flat donation as well. Why 500 miles/8months instead of a single race? Because mental health issues are a long-haul, week after week, and this challenge matches that.

Your support will help benefit Still I Run, a non-profit community dedicated to bringing together running and mental health. The mission of Still I Run is to promote the benefits of running for mental health, defeat the BS stigma around mental health, and provide a safe community for people to share their stories. Having a mental health condition can feel very lonely and isolating, but Still I Run exists to let others know they aren’t alone.

Thank you for your support!

Peace, all!

PS. The details. I’ll be ramping up to the half-marathon + 5k a week average mileage. I’m running some big races in the year as well, the first being a 25k trail race in Afton State Park (which has big hills), and there will be several trail half-marathons throughout the year. Last year I ran 20 half marathons in 25 weeks, so while this is a tough pace, it is doable, even for a 56 year old. I will cover the 500 miles!

Now, it appears that I only enter the final miles at the end of the specified period, so I will be updating the mileage here: currently 10.6 mi.

Runners: Start your own fundraising challenge for your next race by clicking here.


4/1April leg of 500 miles challenge64.50$325
5/1May leg of 500 miles challenge70.20$354
6/1June leg of 500 miles challenge47$237
7/1July leg of 500 miles challenge27.30$137
8/1August leg of 500 miles challenge28.90$146
9/1September leg of 500 miles challenge16$81
10/1October leg of 500 miles challenge10$50
11/1November leg of 500 mile challenge20.50$103
12/1December leg of 500 mile challenge (if needed)12$60

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