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Hey, this is Chris Boyle, just a middle-aged guy trying to do cool things.

On December 5th, I will be competing in a “last man standing” running event.    This style of running competition has recently become popular in the fringe ultra-running community since the creation of Big’s Backyard Ultra.  This race has nothing to do with speed.  The goal is to run more loops than your competition.  Each loop is 4.1667 miles long.   The loops start each hour on the hour.   Failure to show up at the start line each hour results in a DNF (Did Not Finish), and you’re out of the race.   The last person standing wins.    I have run this event one other time in 2018.  I ran 84 miles (21 hours / 21 loops) before going home to bed.   My goal is to go the distance, but you never know what will happen until you line up.   In addition, the winner gets a golden ticket to the world championship Big’s Backyard Ultra.   I’m not in that league of runners, but with your pledges I’ll give it a go as long as possible.

I’ve been running seriously for several years now.  I have competed in many ultra-distance races for the pure joy of pushing my limits.   This time I want to run for something more.  Please help support Kids’ Harbor (  It is a fantastic organization that helps area children deal with extreme circumstances.

Be generous and follow along as I run loop after loop after loop.  I will be donating $10.00 per mile.  All pledges are based on how many miles I run during this event.  Pledge any amount; all support is greatly appreciated.  When I line up at 7am on December 5, I’d love to know how much each mile is worth.

Only completed loops will be counted.

In addition to my campaign, all proceeds from the race are donated to Kids’ Harbor as well.


Kids’ Harbor:

Kids’ Harbor, Inc. is a child advocacy center serving the Lake of the Ozarks area in Central Missouri, Fort Leonard Wood, and surrounding areas. This agency assists victims of child abuse and their safe caregivers as they make their way through the difficult and often frightening process of a child abuse investigation.

More info available at

Big’s Backyard Ultra 2020 Documentary:

Note:  In the very unlikely chance that I get hurt prior to the race and cannot start, I have chosen an alternate runner for this pledge campaign.  If I cannot race, donation will then be based off the number of miles run by my 11 Year old son, Charlie Boyle.   In 2019, Charlie ran 20 miles at 4Fore30.


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