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Based on 42 extra point and field goals, each worth $328.16

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Help us reach our goal of $75,000 to provide humanitarian aid to the innocent men, women, and children affected by the dreadful and horrifying terrorist attacks on Israel through Leket Israel.

As you may have already heard or seen, Israel faced a coordinated terrorist attack of historic proportions. Thousands of rockets have been fired into Israel while simultaneously having their borders breached. Thousands of innocent Israeli lives have been lost with an even greater number injured or missing.

The funds will go directly to provide emergency food and essential supplies to those who have been displaced through the humanitarian Non-Profit Organization Leket Israel. Leket Israel is responding to direct requests of the affected. They will deliver meals to individuals and senior citizens. For families Leket Israel is providing essential supplies including food, clean water, diapers, formula, medicine, and more.

For every Extra Point (PAT) made I will be pledging and donating $54. For every Field Goal made I will be pledging and donating $180.

Any amount is a difference maker and every single cent counts. The choice can be made to pledge any amount per Extra Point and Field Goal this season or through a one time donation.

Thank you in advance. Your generosity and support will make a significant impact on life of the Israelis who have been affected by this unthinkable tragedy.


DateNameextra point and field goalsEarned
10/15Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears3$984
10/24San Francisco 49ers vs Minnesota Vikings4$1,313
10/29Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers4$1,313
11/5Minnesota Vikings @ Atlanta Falcons5$1,641
11/12New Orleans Saints vs Minnesota Vikings5$1,641
11/20Minnesota Vikings @ Denver Broncos4$1,313
11/28Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings2$656
12/10Minnesota Vikings @ Las Vegas Raiders1$328
12/17Minnesota Vikings @ Cincinnati Bengals4$1,313
12/24Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings4$1,313
1/1Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers2$656
1/7Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions4$1,313

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