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Our mission is to bring the world closer together one person at a time. A little history about us; We started out just as a group of women that are fans (ARMY) of BTS that came together to help out a few other fans that were in need. During this time we realized that there were so many people, within ARMY and all around the world, that needed so much help and not in just a financial way. We made the decision to form Army Right Behind Us Inc. to be a beckon in the world to light the way for those who feel lost in the dark or needing just a little nudge to achieve their goal.

JK’s Fitness Army Fundraiser is in honor of our favorite Kookie, Jeon, Jungkook, for his birthday on September 1. He loves to workout and push himself to the limit. What better way to celebrate him than a walk/run/cycle-a-thon. A choice for everyone’s comfort level of exercise this is a pledge per mile fundraiser with the option to just donate a flat rate to assist Army Right Behind Us Inc in continuing our work.

We want you to know that we appreciate everything you do for us and those that we help.

So LET’S GET MOVING PEOPLE! Form teams, do it alone, whatever you’re comfortable with and let’s celebrate Jungkook’s 25th Birthday!



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