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Growing up, I witnessed my father and mother sacrifice everything to give their children a better environment than they were raised in. They made a difficult financial decision to move to the suburbs of the DC metropolitan area to raise me and my brother. That move removed us from a community surrounded by drug abuse and violence and allowed us to attend better schools.

I’m forever grateful that my parents understood that a safe environment and access to better resources was imperative for our future success. Unfortunately, many poor, minority and/or disabled children are not as fortunate. That is why this campaign is so important to me. I’m passionate about using my platform to change the lives of children who are challenged daily by the toughest adversity.

I’m happy that just by playing the game I love I will simultaneously raise awareness and money for the Children’s Defense Fund. The CDF is an organization that focuses on protecting children from violence and neglect, lifting them from poverty and ensuring they have access to proper health care and education. I support their mission and every dollar you give will help them continue making life better and safer for all children.

- Jasmine Thomas


Please join me by pledging a donation for every assist that I have this season.

As a special thank you for your generous support, I’m throwing in some awesome rewards:*

  • Anyone who pledges at least $.15 per assist will be entered to win a CT Sun Nike Shirt and signed basketball
  • Anyone who pledges at least $.50 per assist will be entered to win a Jasmine Thomas signed Jersey and shoes
  • Anyone who pledges at least $1 per assist will be entered to win a meet & greet with Jasmine Thomas, along with 2 tickets to a CT Sun game (schedule permitting)

*Only one award per pledge will be awarded


5/20vs. Aces6$197
5/24vs. Sparks8$263
5/26vs. Fever4$132
6/1@ Sky5$164
6/3@ Mystics3$99
6/5@ Dream3$99
6/7@ Liberty8$263
6/9vs. Lynx4$132
6/13vs. Mystics5$164
6/16@ Storm6$197
6/17@ Mercury2$66
6/22@ Dream4$132
6/24@ Fever3$99
6/26@ Mystics3$99
6/27vs. Fever6$197
7/1@ Storm3$99
7/4@ Sparks2$66
7/6@ Mercury3$99
7/8@ Aces8$263
7/11vs Liberty2$66
7/13vs. Mercury3$99
7/15@ Lynx4$132
7/17vs. Dream6$197
7/20vs. Storm3$99
7/22@ Wings9$296
7/24vs. Mystics4$132
8/1vs. Liberty5$164
8/5vs. Aces3$99
8/9@ Wings9$296
8/12vs. Sky8$263
8/14vs. Wings7$230
8/17vs. Lynx7$230
8/19vs. Sparks5$164

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Children's Defense Fund

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Children's Defense Fund

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The Children's Defense Fund Leave No Child Behind® mission is to ensure every child a Healthy Start, a Head Start, a Fair Start, a Safe Start and a Moral Start in life and successful passage to adulthood with the help of caring families and communities.

Contributions made to this campaign are tax-deductible.

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