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Ironman Cozumel and Lake Placid for The Wheelchair Foundation

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Help us Send Wheelchairs to Those in Need

In Loving Memory of My Brother, Danny -

UPDATE - Ironman Cozumel is on! Since I’m likely not to get very far - this is the best chance to donate on a per mile basis. Give me some motivation to keep going!

I am running the 2020 Lake Placid Ironman Competition to benefit the Wheelchair Foundation. This organization has provided over ONE MILLION wheelchairs to individuals in need - specifically, in areas, where access to care and these types of options is greatly limited - either by economic restraints or antiquated cultural norms.

My goal is to donate an entire set of 280 solid rubber tire wheelchairs - and attend delivering them to the individuals who will gain the fundamental right of mobility from them.

The 140.6 mile race - which takes place in Lake Placid at the end of July2020 - will be the first step in doing this. Pledges on a per mile basis will be accepted up until race time - and will be going 100% towards this amazing cause.

Other reasons to donate?

1. It’ll be pure entertainment watching me try to go from …eh….where I am today - to Ironman - in less than just nine months

2. I will be posting incentives and contests along the way to keep it really interesting - including - the top donors being able to join in Mexico for a weekend of relaxation - culminating in the race.

3. It’s an amazing cause.

_We will be preceding this event with a Wine for Wheels Event in early 2020 - to finish the balance of the fundraising to complete this goal.



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