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Come Help Us by Making a Pledge for each Charger Team Hit this season.

The Rally Foundation & the Chargers are TEAMING up to put it all out on the field for childhood cancer!

Program Sponsor: The Players and Families of the 12U Charger Baseball Team

*The East Side Baseball organization is not associated with this program

The 12U Chargers are a youth baseball team playing out of Fullers Park in Marietta, GA. Our team is focused on not only playing competitive baseball, but learning how to give back to others. The players and coaching staff are using this opportunity to support kids battling cancer. We have chosen to support the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research, a cause that is extremely close to our team.

Our mission is to generate pledges for EVERY HIT we get as a TEAM over the spring and summer seasons. These TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations will go directly towards finding cures for childhood cancer. You can join our team in two ways:

1. By making a pledge for every hit

2. By making a one-time donation

Come help us deliver a HIT and help kids battling cancer SCORE a healthy future.

Every pledge will offer an exclusive invitation to join the team’s Gamecharger page to follow the game action live. Once you have been registered, you will receive an invitation to join the team’s GAMECHANGER site shortly after. Learn more by clicking the logo below:

Every person that donates at least $20 will receive a exclusive Chargers & Rally pin.


2/23Game 1 0-
2/23Game 20-
2/24Game 3 0-
2/27Game 4 7$218
3/9Game 5 0-
3/9Game 69$280
3/10Game 7 0-
3/10Game 80-
3/23Game 910$311
3/23Game 103$93
3/24Game 113$93
3/24Game 12 0-
4/6Game 13 9$280
4/6Game 14 4$124
4/7Game 157$218
4/7Game 16 0-
4/27Game 177$218
4/27Game 183$93
4/28Game 1913$404
4/28Game 20 5$155
5/12Game 210-
5/18Game 229$280
5/18Game 233$93
5/19Game 248$249
5/19Game 25 0-
5/25Game 262$62
5/25Game 276$186
5/26Game 2811$342
5/26Game 2918$559
6/1June 1st Game #114$435
6/1June 1st Game (#2)10$311
6/2June 2nd Game (#1)7$218
6/2June 2nd Game (#2)7$218
6/9Game 30 9$280
6/9Game 314$124
6/10Game 325$155
6/10Game 33 3$93
6/11Game 3419$590
6/11Game 35 14$435
6/12Game 368$249
7/12Game 37--
7/13Game 38--
7/14Game 39--
8/9Game 40--
8/10Game 41--
8/10Game 42--
Rally Foundation

This campaign benefits

Rally Foundation

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501(c)(3) nonprofit, empowers volunteers across the country to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research

Contributions made to this campaign are tax-deductible.

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