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I'm building a well in Africa!

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Biking for fresh water!

I’m raising a total of $12,000 USD to build a fresh water well in Africa.

The well will provide fresh and safe water for an entire community.

My first activity to raise some of the money, is to bike 1,000 km over my school holidays.

I hope to raise $5,000 USD, but it would be great if I could raise the entire $12,000!

Read more about the Thirst Project.

Why am I doing this?

Right now, over 600 million people do not have access to safe, clean drinking water! More people die due to waterborne diseases than AIDS, malaria and all world violence combined. A child dies every 90 seconds from EASILY preventable diseases… all because they do not have access to basic clean water.

So this summer, I will be doing my part to help END the Global Water Crisis. I plan to ride 1,000 kilometers on my 2013 GT Sensor mountain bike, to raise awareness about the crisis, as well as trying to raise 20,000 NZ dollars to have a well built in the kingdom of Eswatini.

Thirst Project is 100% nonprofit, meaning ALL of the money we raise will be used to fund freshwater wells. They hire local drillers to drill deep down into the earth’s crust to access naturally occurring water tables! Then, after installing a freshwater well, communities can draw up safe, clean water for their people!

With a freshwater well, women and children spend less time walking to collect water and more time providing for their families and getting an education. A well improves economic productivity, food security, educational opportunities and so much more. Clean water truly changes everything!

It only takes $25 U.S. dollars to give ONE person clean water for LIFE, and $12,000 U.S. funds an entire freshwater well for a community in need. Every donation puts me one step closer to my goal of raising 20,000 NZ dollars, and every time this page is shared, my goal of raising awareness about the crisis is achieved.


12/31The 1000 Km Charity ride1,000$1,790

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